A.L.P.S Reunion Celebration Article in The Sunday Times of Malta under the society & people page


Over the past three years whilst the Covid-pandemic was at its peak, 

the members and friends of The Association of Lyceum Past Students,

never failed to keep in touch by means of mobile texting,  or e-mail

announcements that have from time to time been issued by ALPS.

And now, after a lapse of three years came the time to again send an invitation to

all members and friends of the association, for holding a 28th anniversary reunion

celebration. On  Saturday the 24th September 2022,  the Gizwiti church at Valletta

came truly alive with a numerous congregation participating for holy mass, listening 

to a well prepared homily by none other than the Rev. Dr. Nicholas Doublet. Mons. Lawrence

Gatt also concelebrated with Fr. Nicholas The ceremony  lasted nearly an hour in church.

The ALPS group then walked into the Old Liceo Building at Merchants Street Valletta, where

they could meet and enjoy each other’s company after a long time. Those were hard times 

when the association could not bring together its members and friends for socializing.

Many are now of advanced age and such occasions that ALPS organize for them, keeps them

in touch and  happy, to reminisce from the good old times of their younger years.

The reunion party lasted till late.  Guests were then ferried back by shuttle mini-bus transport

to their cars that they had  parked  at Floriana.

It was memorable evening to remember. It certainly brought back memories of happier times.

With the  inoculations that most of us have received over the past year, the guests were seen

laughing and chatting and joking and having a real good time. Face masks were put aside. Hopefully

there will be no new infections recorded from such gathering. 

When addressing the guests, The Alps president George Stagno Navarra, emphasized on the fact, 

that the association makes its best to keep  members happy and fully adjourned with all that is going 

on around them in this world. He went on to tell everyone, that the time is fast approaching for a change.

A transition from the old to a younger generation of council members,  will ensure continuity to lead ALPS 

into a bright future. The association motto NIL MEDIOCRITER plays its role.  We must therefore continue

to do things in the right way, for the benefit of our members and friends and to the benefit of ALPS.

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