This is the Pwales Chapel Almanac of Events for the year 2024.

Date Month Time
20th January 16.30hrs
24th February 16.30hrs
23rd March 16.30hrs
20th April 16.30hrs
18th May 16.30hrs
22nd June 16.30hrs
13th July 18.00hrs  (Celebrating the Feast of Sant Anna)
Nill August
Nill September
19th October 16.30hrs
23rd November 16.30hrs
13th December 11.00hrs

Thanks to the continued cooperation of our Spiritual Director Fr. William Bartolo, we now present to you the dates and the time for the celebration of Holy Mass at the Pwales Chapel of Sant Anna. This is a means of meeting with each other every month. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be served when Holy Mass is ended. We encourage you all to come along and have a taste of the clean air and tranquility that surround the Pwales Chapel. Bring your family and friends: we would love to see them.


Previous Events:

On Saturday, July 11, 2015, the Association of Lyceum Past Students (ALPS) celebrated the feast of Sant’ Anna, the Patron Saint of the Chapel. Quite a large number of members, their families and friends, and the local residents of the Pwales community attended the Mass, which was celebrated by Fr. Joe Barbara MSSP. The choir “Voices of Faith” under the direction of Mrs. Veronique DeGabriele Ferrante gave a very pleasant rendition of traditional hymns in Maltese and English. After the Holy Creed, Mr. Kenneth Cauchi, a leading Maltese campanologist, lecturer and author, gave a brief talk on recent history of campanology in Malta. He made specific reference to the Henry Taylor Founders who founded some of the leading Church Bells in Malta, notably the largest one The George Cross Siege Bell, cast in 1992 and weighing 10 tons 14 cwts 2 qrs 3 lbs. Mr. Cauchi then described the distinguishing features of the New Bell for the Pwales Chapel. This bell was cast by the Taylor Foundry in 2013. It weighs 26 kilograms and is cast in bronze. As is accepted practice within bell foundries, each bell has distinctive features either made as part of the casting mould or later as an addition in the form of an engraving. This bell has both of these types of features. On the front, two engravings read: “ALPS” and below “ANNA”. Below these is the date “2013” with the logo of Henry Taylor cast in between the “0” and the “1” of the year. The back has an engraving reading: “MUNIFICENTIA D. DIMECH AN. DMI. MMXV” which is translated as: “GENEROSITY OF D. DIMECH, YEAR OF OUR LORD 2015”. It is to be noted that Mrs. Dolores Dimech, a Pwales resident and a regular attendant of the ALPS Monthly Mass, personally and generously offered and defrayed the expenses in connection with the purchase and transportation of this Bell. On the top are two more cast features: one bearing the number “167” which is the mold reference number, and “654” which is the “order number”. As these are the key identifying features of this bell, they are recorded in the archives of the Henry Taylor Foundry. Fr. Joe Barbara then proceeded with the Ceremony of the Dedication and Blessing of the New Bell. This is a simple but very poignant ceremony. He then proceeded to ring the bell with 3 chimes. At this point, Mrs. Dolores Dimech was asked to also ring 3 chimes in recognition of her as the “godmother” of the bell. The final blessing was that of the new “stone cross” which was made to replace the one that was destroyed during a storm recently. This cross will be mounted over the arch of the belfry from which will hang the new bell “ANNA”. In addition to this, a married couple, also residents of Pwales, dedicated their baby son to Sant’ Anna. After the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, the ALPS Committee Chairman George Stagno NAVARRA made a speech of appreciation and invited those present to a reception courtesy of ALPS.
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Joseph D Buttigieg Civics Chairperson July 11 2015.