Greetings to you all dear members and friends of ALPS

The year 2022 is nearly ended. We have managed during the past twelve months, to hold some of the

functions that had been advertised in earlier newsletters and announcements. There were of course 

the odd cases, when The Association of Lyceum Past Students was compelled to cancel at the last minute,

functions like a monthly holy mass and especially the Festa Sant Anna that we have all been waiting for.

Covid-19 was the main culprit to such cancellations. 

Now that we are nearing the end of year 2022, we have managed to hold a Thanksgiving mass at Pwales

chapel on the 13th December 2022 at 11.00 am. Fr. William  celebrated but with a bit of a difference.

The homily was changed to a Priedka tal-Milied from a young boy named Luca Vella who hails from the

Pwales neighbourhood too. The boy delivered a wonderful sermon and one can say that he took over

from the main celebrant Fr. William Bartolo who sat quietly listening and admiring all that the boy had 

to tell. When the priedka was ended, the ALPS president, awarded to young Luca, a Bambin tal-Milied

that was also blessed by Fr. William.

Christmas carols were sung at mass and we ended the ceremony with The INNU MALTI for Republic Day.

For the first time, a PA system  donated by The Catenian Association to ALPS, was used at Pwales chapel.

For those who came, it was a great experience. For those who have missed this unique occasion, photos

were taken and are being attached hereto. The ALPS web-site photo gallery will also feature these pictures .

Traditional tea, coffee, biscuits and cakes were enjoyed by all whilst exchanging festive season greetings.

Here’s wishing to all our members and friends, a Very Happy and Blessed Christmas day 2022.

The President and all council members of ALPS, extend the best wishes to its members and friends

For a Happy, Peacefull and Healthy NEW YEAR 2023, full of many pleasant surprises

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