Midsummer message from the ALPS President

The year 2022 summer season will soon be over. It can be said, we had plenty of hot weather that  sometimes it made

all of us feel drowsy and exhausted. It is the time when our bodies take a rest and hence our summer vacation should always be in the yearly almanac of our life.

The Covid pandemic did alter our plans for some free time because of lock-down and the lack of travel facilities that made it difficult for us to venture out of the island for some free time.

Well, with the assistance of vaccinations and booster doses, one might say that the virus has beensomewhat controlled and we are now free to move around without facemasks and keeping even less social distancing than before.     Summer barbeques are back and so are the social gatherings and wedding parties that can see many of us get together again after an absence of more thantwo years. Blue summer skies and evening sunsets have made it  possible for many of us to enjoy the beaches and evening meals by the water’s edge…and that is how it should always be. 

The autumn weather will bring the rainy days but not before we enjoy the remaining days of thissummer 2022. No matter how hot we felt and no matter how weak we may have been during the stifling weather…we still look ahead with optimism and thank the Lord for giving us a few weeks of relaxation with family and friends. Cheer up dear members and friends  in ALPS. Soon we shall be having a REUNION that we have been missing for some years. The 24th September will see many of us getting together at the Jesuits Church Valletta for a thanksgiving mass commemorating our 28th anniversary from foundation date of The Association of Lyceum Past Students. There shall be a party soon after the religious part and we can once again be happy to enjoy each other’s company. We posted to you invitation cards for you to fill-in and return to our secretary general who is looking after the catering aspect of this event. I am looking forward to greet many of you taking part on this occasion.

Keep smiling dear members and friends of ALPS. Let us meet later this month and be happy again as

we have always known it to be.

Sincere best regards

George Stagno Navarra

President  –  ALPS

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