THANK YOU AND FAREWELL – George dei Conti Stagno Navarra


Today, after 22years, I am sending you my very last e-mail message as president of The Association of Lyceum Past Students.

I have retired from ALPS as at the 24th February 2023 when the association held its annual general meeting. For several months I hinted to my fellow council members and even to some of you members and friends of ALPS during my address at the Yuletide gathering and at the Valentine’s event.

I am profoundly grateful, for the friendship and support you have all extended to me over the past two decades. Together with my fellow council colleagues,  we have accomplished so much for the Association of Lyceum Past Students. As a transition to my new life after ALPS, I want to leave you with three requests:

FIRST, please never forget to put the interests of The Association of Lyceum Past Students first and foremost. Forming part of this glorious association, will continue to make you feel proud to belong in such a respected old boys association.

SECOND, remember the aim and purpose why the Association of Lyceum Past Students was formed in 1994. It is to bring together as many as possible LICEO past students from all walks of the Maltese life and of all ages, to be together and share from the past experiences and episodes we have all had at the Lyceum.

THIRD, I ask you to extend my successor the same generous support you have given me. With the appointment of Mr. George Galea at the last Annual General Meeting that was held on the 24th February 2023, the new leadership of ALPS has passed into his hands and he is now your new ALPS President. Please help him to navigate as many people did for me, when I first became your president way back in 2001. With any transition of leadership, some organisational anxiety is normal, but I encourage you to be open to new ideas and approaches to the association’s work, as the new President brings a fresh perspective and meaning to Ghaqda Ex-Studenti Liceo. I believe this is the power of organisational renewal and I am very confident that the chosen new leader of ALPS. will build on the foundation we have already established together.

My wife Madeleine and myself, promise to remain close to The Association of Lyceum Past Students. I know I will miss you profoundly, but I shall be there watching and helping the new leadership team if I am needed. 

So, for the last time, I hope you and your families enjoy the best of health and happiness and from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for all

you have done for me over the past twenty-two years.


George dei Conti Stagno Navarra

Immediate Past President – ALPS

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