Celebration of Holy Mass at the Pwales Chapel

The Association of Lyceum Past Students reminds you that the first  Holy Mass at the Pwales Chapel for 2024 is going to be celebrated by Father William Bartolo on Saturday 20th January 2024 at 1600 hours instead of 1630 hours as originally advised. 

Intentions at this Holy Mass will of course include all ALPS members, their families and friends in need of our prayers, in particular, we shall remember those members who recently  passed away.

The dates for the  celebration of  Holy Mass at the Pwales Chapel for the rest of the year are as follows:-

  24TH FEBRUARY         16.30 pm

 23RD MARCH                16.30 pm

 20TH APRIL                   16.30 pm

  25TH MAY                     16.30 pm

  22ND JUNE                   16.30 pm

  13TH JULY ( FESTA SANT ANNA )  18.00 pm

  AUGUST                      ( NO MASS)

 SEPTEMBER                (NO MASS )

 19TH OCTOBER           16.30 pm

 23RD NOVEMBER        16.30 pm

 13TH DECEMBER         11.00 am

Please contact Mark Darmanin – ALPS Secretary General  either by email: darmanin.mark@gmail.com or message/call on Mob no. 99857431 for any further enquiries.

Thanks and regards 

Mark Darmanin

ALPS- Secretary General 

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