The Chanticleer is the Association of Lyceum Past Students’
magazine. If ever there was one activity of ALPS that needed
active financial support from members, this is it. And the
best way to activate that support is through advertising by
members and non-members alike. All enterprises could do with
the business of the thousands of Lyceum Past Students and
their families. And we actually ask all readers to reciprocate
the help by taking their business to advertisers first and

Most ALPS members are employees or employers themselves,
so please see what each and every one can do to buy advertising
space for one’s own business or convince the employer
to do it …

Here are the advertising rates for 2008 edition

These prices are exclusive of VAT because ALPS is

Cheques are to be made payable to ALPS Secretary-General,
“Alson”, Naxxar Road, San Gwann SGN 08. They should
be accompanied by the following information.

Date:_________________________ – VAT reg.
no.: _______________________________
Company: __________________________________________________________________
Name: _____________________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________
Tel./mobile no.: ______________. Fax no.: ____________________________________
Contact for artwork or logo: __________________________________________________
Tel.: _________________________ e-mail: ______________________________________

Thank you for your support.