It is the declared commitment of ALPS News to bring to readers’
attention not only what is being planned but also feedback
on the latest activities – and to stick to the truth
while we’re at it. So when ALPS News writes that this
or that activity was a resounding success, that is only the
truth. This time our report on the latest socio-cultural activity
has got to be mixed.

It is true that, for some unfathomable reason, the afternoon
and evening activity at Mgarr and Cirkewwa on Saturday 25th
September was not as well attended as others, but it is also
true that all those who did attend came away having greatly
enjoyed themselves. The afternoon tea at Charles Il-Barri
Restaurant at Mgarr was nice, quiet and amicable, and it was
all brought to a head with the immensely interesting visit
to the very-well-kept wartime shelter extending from under
the restaurant right to beneath the local primary school (and
that’s only half of it!). Preceded by a short, authentic
newsreel about Malta in wartime, the tour of the shelter itself
received added value with the enthusiastic explanations of
restaurant staff member Ms Elaine Vella.

The visit to the shelter was followed by Holy Mass at Mgarr
Parish Church, and after that it was just a short trip to
the Paradise Bay Resort Hotel at Cirkewwa. The very cooperative
management did ALPS proud by setting up eight-seater tables
right at the front of the floor, so that we had a grandstand
view of the highly-entertaining two-hour cabaret show put
up by Aceline Dancers: the solo and duet singing of Manoel
and Leontine and the spectacular Latin American dancing by
Malta’s outgoing champions Justin and Annalise. All
this made the very good and abundant buffet go down very well

The benefits of organised transport, which the Council of
Administration laid on as an experiment following several
requests by ALPS members, became all too obvious both for
those who saw the transport arriving at and leaving Mgarr
and those who saw us arriving at and leaving the hotel at
the end of the show.


For this month the Council of Administration and its Cultural
Commission have laid on a visit to Vittoriosa for the morning
of Saturday 30th October. We will all be meeting at 9.15 a.m.
at the Couvre Porte (the refurbished gate on the right before
you go down to the Freedom Monument). The event will get underway
at 9.30 a.m. with a 20-minute talk about the city by historian
Lino Bugeja. This will be followed by a visit to the Inquisitors’
Palace for a guided tour of both the palace itself and the
very interesting (and eye-opening) exhibition on “The
Art of Pain”, showing the lengths that Homo Sapiens(!)
has been able to go to to inflict pain on fellow humans. From
there we shall go to the Vittoriosa Parish Museum and Church,
where we can admire and learn more about the masterpieces
of Lorenzo Gafà and Mattia Preti. The next stop will
be the Collacchio, where we can visit the former Auberge d’Angleterre,
one of the smallest and humblest of the Knights’ first
auberges and the one that has remained tale quale over the
centuries. Depending on progress we can also see Vittoriosa’s
famed Siculo-Norman House on our way to lunch.

Lunch will be at Il-Forn Art Gallery & Wine Bar in Triq
it-Tramuntana. Following helpings of Maltese bread, bigilla
and black olives there will be a buffet of three different
pasta dishes: Baked Lasagne, Macaroni Nizza and Penne Carbonara.
Dessert will be a speciality of the house: a vanilla pudding
with raisins and topped with jelly and fruits, which is very
popular in Austria. Still and sparkling water will be unlimited,
but any other drinks will be payable on individual basis.

Now for the prices. The tour of the Inquisitors’ Palace
and exhibition will cost Lm3 per adult (Lm1.50 for Kartanzjan
holders). Lunch (including the water but not other drinks)
will be at Lm4 per person.

Booking is to be made by not later than Thursday 28th October
with ALPS Secretary-General Alex Borg, on telephone/fax 21
386812 or 21 376387 or e-mail studiomoda@global.net.mt.


Visual and written material for the next edition of the ALPS
magazine The Chanticleer is coming along nicely. We already
have enough material to fill the issue, although every effort
will be made to include any worthy contributions that come
our way between now and publication.

Unfortunately, though, the publication date (which had been
earmarked for 3rd October, the 11th anniversary of the foundation
meeting of ALPS) has had to be postponed due to the dearth
of advertising. The Association’s financial situation,
which is only helped by membership fees and the proceeds of
socio-cultural activities, does not allow the forking out
of publication expenses, so advertising revenue is our only
lifeline. In this context it would be appreciated if readers
of ALPS News would either consider taking out advertising
themselves or egging others on to do it.

There is hardly any establishment in Malta and Gozo that
does not employ at least one former Lyceum student, or that
does not count former students among its clientele. In this
context EVERYONE could talk to SOMEONE and encourage them
to advertise. Of course, not all adverts have to be full pages
and in full colour (although these are the most welcome),
but even a quarter-page in black and white helps.

More information can be obtained from ALPS Secretary-General
Alex Borg, on telephone/fax 21 386812 or 21 376387 or e-mail
studiomoda@global.net.mt, or from the ALPS website at www.ALPSmalta.com.

Even at this late time of the year, a number of ALPS members
have not yet paid their membership. Please send your Lm3 to the attention of
Treasurer Joseph Mallia, “Daffodil Court”, A/3 St George’s Street, St Venera.