It was a fitting farewell indeed that the Founder of the
Association of Lyceum Past Students and President for its
first 10 years, Dr Guido Saliba, was given at his funeral
on 9th December 2004. The parish church of Naxxar was choc-a-bloc,
with people standing right up to the front doors.

They were people who had met and come to know Guido Saliba
in any one of the several walks of life he had travelled over
his 81 years. And the Council of Administration is proud to
have done everything it could think of, with the full involvement
and approval of Mrs Irene Saliba, to show love and respect
for the man who had both dreamed and achieved putting the
Association together.

Dr Saliba was buried carrying the ALPS lapel badge that he
was so intensely proud of. When the hearse pulled up in front
of Naxxar parish church the coffin was draped with the ALPS
banner and carried by Dr Saliba’s son Pierguido, Lyceum
Scout Master Alex Bonello and four members of the Council
of Administration. On the steps leading into the church there
was a guard of honour mounted by eight members of the Lyceum
Scouts Group, who also took turns standing at the four corners
of the coffin throughout the service.

As soon as the coffin was placed in front of the high altar,
each member of the Council of Administration placed a white
carnation on the top, still adorned by the ALPS banner. Also
on top of the coffin was a beautiful flower arrangement with
the ALPS logo.

Mass was concelebrated by Dr Saliba’s spiritual director
Fr Paul Cremona OP and ten other priests, including ALPS member
Mgr Lawrence Gatt and ALPS Spiritual Director Fr William Bartolo.
The lessons were read by President Emeritus Guido de Marco,
Dr Saliba’s brother-in-law, and ALPS Acting President
George Stagno Navarra. The prayers of the faithful were read
by four of Dr Saliba’s nieces and nephews.

Besides relatives, several members of the ALPS Council of
Administration accompanied Dr Saliba’s coffin to his
final resting place at the Addolorata Cemetery. Again with
Mrs Saliba’s permission, George Stagno Navarra read
a moving poem that he had written only the day before, dedicated
to Guido Saliba and what he had done for and with ALPS. Before
the coffin was interred, the ALPS logo was pinned on it. Then
each Council member present threw the single carnations onto
the coffin, along with the family’s.

This edition of ALPS News puts on record the Association’s
condolences to Mrs Irene Saliba and her family.


With the ALPS customary Yuletide dinner planned for 11th
December, just two days after Dr Saliba’s funeral, the
Council of Administration thought of cancelling the event.
But when this was communicated to Mrs Saliba she could not
agree. “Guido would have wanted the event to go on as
planned. I’m sure he will be looking on with pleasure
from where he is,” she told the Council.

Accordingly, the event was not cancelled and it was well
attended. It got underway with a short speech by George Stagno
Navarra to pay tribute to Dr Guido Saliba, followed by everyone
standing up and observing a minute of silence.


The 11th AGM of ALPS will be held at the Conference Room
of The Lyceum, Wenzu Mallia Street, Hamrun, on Sunday 30th
January 2005. The event will get underway at 9.30 a.m. with
Holy Mass by Spiritual Director Fr William Bartolo, OFM Conv.
The AGM proper will start at 10.15 a.m. with

• reading and approval of minutes of the 10th AGM
• presentation and approval of the Administration Report
• presentation and approval of the Financial Report
as at 31st December 2004
• a short address by Acting President George Stagno
• election of officials to serve on the Council of Administration
• election of members of Commissions
• election of a Spiritual Director
• nomination of two Auditors.

As per the ALPS Statute, the post of Secretary-General this
year is due for re-election. Nominations are therefore invited
for members to fill the posts of President, Secretary-General,
Deputy President, Treasurer and the Chairmanships of the Commissions
for Civics, Cultural Activities, Social Activities, Communications
& Publications and Lyceum Youths. These nominations are
to reach Secretary-General Alex Borg (see masthead for addresses)
by not later than Saturday 22nd January 2005.


The accompanying brochure excerpt shows details of a tour
to Nice and the French Riviera, including the famous Nice
Carnival, which the ALPS Social Activities Commission is planning
together with Britannia Tours. The tour will be led by the
very experienced commission Chairman Joe Fenech.

Bookings through ALPS will get a special discount of 5% from
the basic price and complete excursions package. Early bookings
will ensure accommodation in a centrally-located 3-star hotel,
rather than one removed from the centre. Workers should note
that 10th February will be a public holiday, so they need
only to think about getting Friday off.

Please contact ALPS Secretary-General Alex Borg on 21 386812
or 21 382082, or Joe Fenech on 21 410632.