The Annual General Meeting of the Association of Lyceum Past
Students was held on 30th January 2005 at The Lyceum, Hamrun.
It started with Holy Mass said by Spiritual Director Fr William
Bartolo, OFM Conv., in the chapel which our dear departed
Founder Guido Saliba wanted to see so much but could not because
the stairs made it impossible. As Fr William said, now that
the chapel has become accessible with a lift Dr Saliba was
called away to the most perfect chapel.

After the Administrative Report for 2004 was approved, Laurie
Vella commented that, understandably, Secretary-General Alex
Borg had mentioned therein the efforts of Council members
but made no mention of his own hard work of coordination throughout
the year. A unanimous vote of thanks was passed to Alex.

The AGM elected George Stagno Navarra as President and Joe
Fenech as Deputy President of ALPS, and confirmed Alex Borg
as Secretary-General, Joseph Mallia as Treasurer, Fr William
Bartolo as Spiritual Director and George Grech as Permanent
Co-opted Member of the Council of Administration. David Abela,
Anthony Aquilina, Dr Nazareno Azzopardi, Charles Calleja,
Alfred Formosa, Joe Micallef and Laurie Vella were elected
to the Council. The meeting approved a change to the ALPS
Statute to set up a Membership Commission.

The various Commissions are chaired by David Abela (Civics),
Laurie Vella (Communications & Publications), Joe Micallef
(Youth & Lyceum Affairs), Alfred Formosa (Social &
Cultural) and Anthony Aquilina (Membership). Now that St Anne’s
Chapel has been fully restored, the Council is inviting ideas
from ALPS members for some new project or projects to be taken
in hand.

The Administrative Report for 2004 and the formation of the
new Council of Administration are being made available for
perusal on the ALPS website at www.ALPSmalta.com. Pen-portraits
of the new Council members will be included as soon as possible.


The Council of Administration is inviting all ALPS members,
spouses and families to the annual Foundation Day
Concert on 5th March
at The Lyceum Hall. It will
be a show of Semi-Classical Music starting at 7.30 p.m. This
year’s concert will also mark the 50th anniversary of
the opening of The Lyceum in its present location.

The show will feature soprano Claire Caruana, mezzosoprano
Connie Francis Zerafa and tenor Andrew Sapiano with Yolanda
Micallef on the piano, as well as the Choir of the University
of the Third Age under the baton of Mro Joe Fenech. The audience
will also be able to enjoy an art exhibition by current Lyceum
students, and finish off with a light reception in the school’s

There will be a charge of Lm2.50 per head to defray the costs
of the concert and reception. Early forward bookings to Alex
Borg on 21 386812 or 21 382082, or to Joseph Mallia on 21
233822, will be greatly appreciated for catering planning


The Foundation Day Concert will also drum up support for
the Lyceum Bicycle Marathon, which will be
getting underway at 1.30 p.m. on Friday 11th March.
The proceeds from this year’s marathon will be in aid
of the Muscular Dystrophy Group, The Equal Partners Foundation,
the St Francis de Paule Home and the St Teresa Institute.

With membership of ALPS static at Lm3 per year, the Council
of Administration is urging all members to donate Lm2 each
to the Bicycle Marathon. To make things easier, any such donation
can be included with the ALPS membership fee and sent in the
same envelope to Treasurer Joseph Mallia (see below). Donations
from life members will also be welcome.


A commemorative plaque to mark the 50th anniversary
of the inauguration of The Lyceum in its present location
will be unveiled at 7.30 p.m. on Saturday 12th March,
during the Lyceum Bicycle Marathon. All Lyceum past students,
irrespective of ALPS membership, are invited to the ceremony.
Past students visiting Malta from overseas, as well as students
who started at The Lyceum in 1955, will be particularly welcome.
The audience can continue to entertain themselves with the
show during the marathon, where a food and drinks stall will
also be available.


ALPS membership fees are now due. Please send your Lm3 fee
(hopefully with your Lm2 for the Lyceum Bicycle Marathon)
to Treasurer Joe Mallia at “Daffodil Court”, A/3
St George’s Street, St Venera HMR 18.


In this day and age it certainly takes an effort to pause
from thinking of material needs and dwell, even if briefly,
on the spiritual. As has now become customary, the ALPS Council
of Administration this year will be helping members, families
and friends to do just that with a weekend or day Spiritual
Retreat at Manresa House on the outskirts of Victoria, Gozo,
between 20th and 22nd May. This year’s reflections will
be led by Prof. Stanley Fiorini, helped by Manresa House Rector
Fr Paul Zammit SJ.

More details next month, but please make notes in your diaries.