JULY 2005


The Association of Lyceum Past Students has its own “home”
at last. As announced a few issues back, it is the former
legal office of our late Founder-President Dr Guido Saliba,
situated at 115 St Joseph Street, Pietà (opposite Pietà
Hotspurs FC). Dar Guido Saliba, as it has been named, was
declared officially open on 16th June by his widow Mrs Irene
Saliba, who first broached the idea to her husband when he
was still alive, and blessed by Spiritual Director Fr William
Bartolo OFM Conv. in the presence of the whole Council of

To mark the occasion, ALPS President George Stagno Navarra
remarked how proud Dr Saliba would have been to see his wish
of a home for ALPS come true. He praised the continued support
for ALPS from Mrs Saliba and her son Pierguido and daughter
Yelenia, in spite of their bereavement. He added that Dar
Guido Saliba would henceforth be the site of meetings of the
Council, committees and sub-committees, the launching pad
for a new membership drive as well as a centre for possible
meetings with analogous associations.

Mrs Saliba graciously joined the Council members for drinks
to celebrate the opening, following which the Council held
its first meeting at Dar Guido Saliba. For ease of operation,
at least until further notice, the Association’s registered
office will continue to be “Alson”, Naxxar Road,
San Gwann.


The classical concert and barbeque held at the Coastline
Hotel on 24th June, with the express purpose to Help Amanda
Smile, was an unqualified success in attendance, entertainment
and, most important of all, fund-raising. The sole aim of
the event was to help towards the total collection of Lm40,000
for an operation in Canada on seven-year-old Amanda Attard,
whose facial muscle paralysis makes it difficult to eat, swallow
and talk and impossible to smile.

The weeks of joint efforts of the Association of Lyceum Past
Students and the Friends of the Manoel Theatre, as well as
the generous support of several individual and corporate sponsors,
paid off admirably. A publicity blitz on all local media brought
attendance to just over 200, at Lm10 a head. The very enjoyable
concert of well over an hour was organised by baritone Joe
Fenech (who as a member of both ALPS and the FMT was the fulcrum
of the whole event), with the wholehearted participation of
Amanda’s mother, soprano Karen Camilleri. Sopranos Claire
Caruana and Louiselle Pace Gouder, mezzosoprano Connie Frances
Zerafa, tenor Andrew Sapiano and baritone Kevin Caruana generously
gave their best without any remuneration, accompanied by pianist
Cynthia Genovese. But the best surprise of all came at the
very end, when compère Brigadier Claude Gaffiero announced
that to thank her benefactors Amanda was going to sing accompanied
by her mother Karen. There were lots of smiles besides the
applause – as well as several shining eyes.

Thanking everyone for their help, Karen and her husband
Anthony Attard announced that in the weeks leading up to the
event the publicity had brought forth donations to the tune
of Lm800, Lm500 of which came from a single couple. The several
valuable prizes given by sponsors for the after-dinner raffle
raised appreciably more money, and an appeal launched by the
editorship of Il-Gens Illum on the next day is bringing
in yet more funds, so it is still too early to say how much
funds the ALPS/FMT campaign raised.

Well-wishers who could not be present at the Coastline can
still help by sending donations to Il-Gens Illum
or ALPS Secretary-General Alex Borg (see masthead for details),
or by depositing them in HSBC account number 0750 3956 0050.


As already announced in the June edition of ALPS News, the
annual feast at the St Anne Chapel in Pwales Valley will be
held on 9th July 2005. Because of climatic
conditions the event has been retimed, so participants are
requested to gather at 6.30 p.m. at the foot
of the passage leading to the chapel, then proceed in procession
behind a banner of St Anne to the chapel for Mass to start
at 7 p.m. Procession and Mass will be animated
by the Choir of the University of the Third Age, conducted
by Mro Joe Fenech.

After Mass the choir will provide some entertainment with
a number of songs, including “The Holy City” (semi-religious),
“Silenzio Cantatore” (Neapolitan) and “O
Cin-ci-là” (operetta), with the participation
of Claire Caruana and Kevin Caruana. Accompaniment on the
piano will be in the able hands of Yolanda Micallef. As usual,
the event will be wound up with light refreshments for all.


It is gratifying to record that there has been quite a good
response to the appeal for names of students who first entered
The Lyceum in October 1955, so that a grand reunion can be
held on 1st October 2005 to mark the 50th
anniversary of the inauguration of the present school building.
But there must be many, many more who can still come forward
to help, both by participating themselves and by putting us
in touch with old fellow schoolmates.

Do please help by phoning or writing to ALPS Secretary-General
Alex Borg.


The printed edition of ALPS News encloses a flyer
encouraging readers to take part in the Grand Puccini Tour
being organised by Bon Voyage with Joe Fenech as tour leader.
Details can be obtained from Joe Fenech on telephones 21 410632
or 21 634034. Any ALPS member booking the tour directly with
Joe will be given a 3% ALPS discount on the basic package.

For those who
have not yet paid their ALPS membership for 2005, the
address of our new Treasurer David Abela is “Juniper”,
Triq Ganni Grima, Tal-Qattus, Birkirkara BKR 13. Do please
reach for those chequebooks .