The year that has just ended was tiring, yet very satisfying
for us all. Quite tellingly, the number of members in ALPS
increased by over 10%. This shows that members are appreciating
our efforts to keep this Association of ours alive, well and

For the new year just started we have many projects in
mind. We have made significant strides in our push towards
being recognised as a Past Students Association.

May we always be proud to belong to such a dedicated
Association. I am confident that our efforts will help to
make greater strides towards our goals.



This is to remind ALPS members and readers of ALPS News that
the 12th Annual General Meeting of the Association of Lyceum
Past Students will be held on Friday 27th January
2006 at 6 p.m.
at The Lyceum, Hamrun.

After the reading and approval of the minutes of the 11th
AGM, the Administration Report and the Financial Statement
as at 31st December 2005 will be presented for approval. President
George Stagno Navarra will deliver a short address, followed
by the election of officials and members to the Council of
Administration and a Spiritual Director. Two auditors will
be nominated for 2006.

In keeping with the ALPS statute, the posts of President
and Secretary-General will not be contested this year, in
the interests of continuity. Nominations for election of members
to the Council of Administration are to be submitted to Secretary-General
Alex Borg (see masthead for address details) by not later
than Saturday 21st January 2006. Each nomination is to show
the name and acceptance of the nominee, the name of the proposer
and name of the seconder.

The AGM will have before it a motion calling for a review
of the Statute with due consideration to the changes dictated
by time. Paid-up members have been sent printed material to
show the changes being suggested and the reason or reasons
brought forward for each change.


The first philanthropic project of ALPS for 2006 gets underway
as early as this month. Students at more than 100 schools
in Malta are being asked to each donate an exercise book and
a pencil in aid of schoolchildren in the missions run by the
Missionary Society of St Paul in South America. ALPS Philanthropic
Commission Chairman Dr Nazareno Azzopardi, who is running
the project, says that exercise books and pencils are among
the things students in Malta take most for granted at school,
yet they are unaffordable (and sometimes unavailable) luxuries
in some missions.

Preparations for the project have been going on for the best
part of last year, but in order to avoid inadequate timing
in view of Yuletide donations to sundry causes, schools have
been asked to request these donations from their students
in the fourth week of January. Arrangements will then be made
for the collection of exercise books and pencils for shipping
overseas, and each school participating in the project will
receive a modest memento.

Most ALPS members still have children or grandchildren attending
school, and they can help drum up support for this worthy
ALPS project.


The Council of Administration is grateful to all those who
have sent donations of Lm2 or more to help defray the huge
costs of producing The Chanticleer. There have been many such
gentlemen, but we are not out of the financial woods yet.
So we would be grateful if any other member who has not yet
sent in his donation but feels the magazine is a good production
that does the Association proud would indicate his appreciation
by sending a donation of at least Lm2 (more would be welcome
too!) to the attention of Secretary-General Alex Borg.


Following the Grand Reunion held for all Lyceum Past Students
on 1st October 2005, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of
the opening of The Lyceum at its present premises, it would
seem that the idea has caught on, or at least whetted the
appetite of those who may have been brooding over it for some

Some ALPS members have asked ALPS News to help them contact
old schoolmates with a view to organising one or more class
reunions, which is quite different in scope and size to the
organisation of a reunion for all students who joined The
Lyceum in a particular year. Of course the Association would
be happy to afford the greatest possible help, not only through
ALPS News but also through the ALPS website at www.ALPSmalta.com.

Just to get the ball rolling and constitute another landmark
for ALPS News, students who in 1958 were in Form IV with Joe
Messina of Hamrun may contact him on jbmessina@hotmail.com,
telephone 21 335698 or mobile 9923 7456 for details of the
proposed class reunion.


This year’s ALPS Valentine’s Day Dinner is being
held on Tuesday 14th February at the Coastline
Hotel at 8 for 8.30 p.m. The attached menu includes a glass
of wine and half a bottle of water per person, at a total
cost of Lm6.75 per person. There will be a pianist in attendance.
ALPS members and friends who would like to join in are requested
to send in their bookings and cheques to Secretary-General
Alex Borg (see masthead for details) by 10th February.


The membership fee of Lm3 for 2006 is now due. Please remit
to Treasurer David Abela at “Juniper”, Triq Ganni
Grima, Tal-Qattus, Birkirkara BKR 13.


Valentine’s Day Dinner

Lacosta Restaurant, Coastline Hotel
Tuesday 14th February 2006


Pesto crusted grouper set on lemon risotto,

rocket and smoked tomato oil


Penne tossed with Parma ham, zucchini
and feta cheese in creamy veal jus


Escalope of pork, gratinated with ham and cheese,
with glazed onions and Marsala sauce


Grilled supreme of chicken
set on carrot mash and bourguignon sauce


Bouquetière of vegetables and Bretonne potatoes


Melon and watermelon balls soaked in kirsch with ginger sorbet


Apple and cinnamon cheesecake with raisin sauce