The more Malta listens to and hears about its new Archbishop, Mgr Paul Cremona, the more its people rejoice in the excellent qualities of their new spiritual leader – qualities not only theological but also pastoral, personal, familial and in many other ways. But there is a section of the Maltese population – for that read former Lyceum students, whether or not members of ALPS – who have cause to be even more proud of Archbishop Cremona: back in Form 1D in 1956 and the other classes he was in until Form 5 he was one of them, sitting with them, studying with them and sharing school life with them. Particularly pleased must be those who were privileged to have been in his classes.

Ad multos annos, Your Grace. We shall continue to be with you in heart and mind.


The Association of Lyceum Past Students held its Annual General Meeting at The Lyceum on 24th January 2007. An annual occurrence, one might point out – but this AGM was different in that the stalwart faces of past years were joined by new ones who made a difference even with their suggestions for the Association’s future.

The elections confirmed George Stagno Navarra, Alex Borg and David Abela as President, Secretary-General and Treasurer respectively.

At the first Council of Administration meeting following the AGM, permanent Council member George Grech was appointed Deputy President. Commission responsibilities were allocated to Anthony Aquilina (Membership), Charles Calleja (Assistant Secretary-General and Pwales Chapel Executive), Dr Nazareno Azzopardi (Philanthropy and assistant to Charles Calleja at the Pwales Chapel), Joe Fenech (Culture), Alfred Formosa (Social), Oscar Galea (Civics), Joe Micallef (Lyceum Youths and Boy Scouts), and Laurie Vella (Communications & Publications). Council newcomer Leo Scicluna was entrusted with Project Coordination.


The first fund-raising event organised by ALPS to help gather a bigger donation towards the proceeds of the Lyceum Bicycle Marathon, which this year will all go to the Dar tal-Providenza, was an unmitigated success and set a record in attendance at any ALPS event. Il-Merill Restaurant, one of Malta’s largest, made an impressive spectacle as no less than 340 people attended a grand buffet dinner on 20th January at the Paradise Bay Resort Hotel at Cirkewwa, with 142 rooms being taken up for an overnight stay with buffet breakfast the next morning – the hotel’s offer was that good!

But describing the evening as just a grand buffet dinner would not exactly be doing it justice. The entertainment provided was live and marvellous, with a two-hour cabaret show being presented by singer Leontine and the Aceline Dancers. 

ALPS member Mgr Lawrence Gatt, Director of Dar tal-Providenza, kept his promise to turn up and thank the Association and the marathon organising committee for their continued support for the Home.

The next morning, almost all those who had attended the dinner and stayed overnight heard Mass at the hotel, and a good number of them even stayed over to have lunch, further enhancing the proceeds for the Lyceum Bicycle Marathon.


The second fund-raiser for the marathon will be another buffet dinner with overnight stay at the Forum Hall of the Topaz Aparthotel in Bugibba on Friday 2nd March (8 for 8.30 p.m.), with another very good offer to stay over not one night, but two. The menu for the evening, including a welcome drink and a glass of wine during dinner, is at the back of this newsletter. Music will be provided by the hotel, and there will be raffles with the usual top-quality prizes to help the fund-raising further along.

Prices per person are Lm6 for the dinner alone (Lm3 for children under 10); Lm10 for the overnight stay in a double room, including the dinner and buffet breakfast (children sharing parents’ room Lm5); Lm20 for the weekend stay (buffet dinner on Friday and half board Saturday/Sunday); Lm5.50 for the extra buffet dinner on the Saturday (children Lm3); and Lm2 per single supplement on Saturday or Sunday.

Bookings with advance payments (cheques payable to ALPS) are to be made with Secretary-General Alex Borg (see masthead for contact details) or Social Commission Chairman Alfred Formosa (e-mail agf@yahoo.co.uk, mobile 9924 6574).

Please help to make this another great event by passing on the message to your friends.


One of Malta’s longest-established sports writers, ALPS member Benny Pace, is writing a book on the History of Sport in Malta. In his book he recognises the fact that schools were the fountain of sports activity which started off several of Malta’s most successful sportspeople. Benny is finding himself rather short on information about sports at The Lyceum, so he is appealing to any member or friend of ALPS to contact him with any facts, anecdotes or, better still, pictures to lend. Benny’s telephone number is 21 238083.

Those of a “mature” age who still remember the children’s radio programmes by Iz-Ziju Frans can now repay part of the pleasure by helping ALPS member Frans H. Said to complete an extensive work on school drama in Malta, particularly on Shakespeare plays at The Lyceum. Like Benny Pace, he will consider any facts, anecdotes or pictures on loan. Frans’ contact details are 21 573969 or 7960 3239.


In answer to a plea at the AGM for ways to lure youths and young men to the Association’s folds, Olympic Committee stalwart Peter Tortell has floated the idea of forming a Sports Commission on the ALPS Council of Administration with a view to gauging whether there is enough interest from members young and not so young. The commission would cater not just for football but for any sport in which there was enough interest shown.

Anyone who would like to support such a commission is requested to contact Peter Tortell on 21 313224 or 9989 8188, or e-mail ptortell@maltanet.net.


The New South Wales branch of ALPS in Australia is in dire need of new blood not only in its ranks but also its management. There is hardly a single family in Malta that does not have relatives in Australia, and arguably many of the male relatives will have attended The Lyceum in their school days.

Members and friends of ALPS in Malta would do well to drop a note to their kin down under and encourage them to get in touch with ALPS NSW Secretary-General Oreste Aquilina on oresteaquilina@optusnet.com.au.

Each hard copy of the February issue of ALPS News included a booklet of tickets for the lottery that is being organised by the Lyceum Bicycle Marathon committee in collaboration with ALPS and Boys’ Junior Lyceum Sliema. The proceeds from the lottery will join those from all other marathon activities to be channelled to Dar tal-Providenza.

The lottery will be drawn on 25th March at the closing of the Marathon 2007.

Two tickets from each completely-sold booklet are free for the salesperson. All ticket booklets (hopefully completely sold) with the cheques to cover them should be returned exclusively to ALPS Secretary-General Alex Borg at “Alson”, 82 Naxxar Road, San Gwann by 20th March. Readers of this website who have not received ALPS News can also contact Alex if they want tickets to buy or sell.




 Hot & Cold Buffet

Homemade Lasagne


Cream of Vegetable Soup


An assortment of Cold Meat Cuts, Marinated Seafood and an Array of Fresh and Crispy Salads accompanied with Sauces


Pan-seared Grouper with Marinated VegetablesRoast Eye Round of Beef with Artichoke Hearts and Red Wine Sauce
Chicken Sautée Chasseur


Chef’s selection of Fresh Vegetables and Potatoes in Season


Sweets from the BuffetFresh Fruit
Cheese Board




8.00 FOR 8.30 P.M.


Get former schoolmates to join as members
and participate in our activities.