MARCH 2008


Dear Colleagues and Friends in ALPS,

This year we are celebrating Easter on Sunday 23rd March. It comes only two days after the beginning of a new season, spring. The Risen Christ renews our hearts and we shall be filled with joy and happiness. The sadness of Lent shall be gone and we can follow the light that comes anew into our lives.

The same applies when a new season arrives and gives us that feeling of renewal. This is the time for recollection and soul-searching in order to make any necessary changes in our ways. That may lead us to better lives and in greater harmony with all the people around us. The Risen Lord shall give us that satisfaction that we so much desire, to be able to communicate more and better with those around us.

The Association of Lyceum Past Students may just be instrumental to bring us even closer together. It helps us to extend a collective helping hand to others with whom we may come in contact every day. With greater love and determination, therefore, we are to avail ourselves this Easter and make this a special new spring season to cleanse and open our hearts and to make ourselves more available to others. The philanthropic as well as the social aspects of ALPS will make us all feel proud that we are making ourselves better known for the assistance that, slowly but surely, we can extend to others who are less fortunate than us in life.

Together with the Council of Administration of ALPS, I augur to each and every one of us that together we may always be a more valid and more useful association.

Very sincerely wishing you and all your families a Blessed Easter

President ALPS


As already announced, this year’s Lyceum Bicycle Marathon is being held between 11th and 13th April 2008, with the proceeds again going to Id-Dar tal-Providenza. Following the participation of ALPS members in the January lottery run by the Marathon Organising Committee, the Association of Lyceum Past Students is making a gentle reminder of its own first fund-raising activity for the marathon: the Buffet Dinner being organised at the Marie Louise Suite of the Radisson SAS Bay Point Resort, St George’s Bay, on Friday 4th April (8 for 8.30 p.m.). It was deliberately decided to hold it on a Friday night so that it could give patrons an opportunity to spend one or two overnights on bed-and-breakfast basis.

As surmised in the February edition of ALPS News, political and Lenten activities seem to have done their share of distracting minds from the fund-raising activity, with the result that bookings are still low.

The price of dinner will be €21 (Lm9.02) per person, inclusive of half a bottle of La Valette red or white wine and free flow of water. The price for each overnight will be €110 (Lm47.22) per room (single or double) in the luxurious setting of the 5-star SAS Radisson Bay Point Resort.

The night’s menu is being reprinted at the back of this newsletter. Bookings can be made with ALPS Secretary-General Alex Borg (see masthead for details), with full payment reaching him by 1st April.


The Lyceum Bicycle Marathon organising committee is close to finalising the list of activities for this year’s event.

On all three days there will be a bazaar, a plant shop, a LAN Party (with users of up to a hundred linked-up computers challenging one another in games) and an auction for a football signed by all Milan players, as well as a Pasta Night on the Saturday evening. The variety shows will start at 6 p.m. every evening. On the Sunday Holy Mass will be said at 11 a.m., followed by a motorcycle exhibition starting at noon.

The greatest novelty in this year’s edition, and potentially the most important fund-raiser, will be the live transmission of the marathon on Education Channel 22 from 6 p.m. on the Saturday and from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on the Sunday, with the possibility for viewers to contribute on SMS or fixed-line numbers that will be announced later.

ALPS is appealing to its members to contribute items for the bazaar and the plant shop, to help man the cash register at the Pasta Night and to help with receiving contributions on the telephone. During this run-up to the marathon members can also be generous in their take-up of lottery tickets that are being sent with this edition of ALPS News, and preferably getting their relatives, friends and neighbours to do the same.

Any proffering of help in any of the foregoing ways, as well as cheques for tickets and requests for more tickets, can be directed to Secretary-General Alex Borg (see masthead for details). Every little bit counts in such a worthy cause. but the Council of Administration is sure that most ALPS members can do more than a little each.


ALPS Philanthropic Commission Chairman Dr Nazarene Azzopardi has told ALPS News that contributions to the Association’s philanthropic project Pitazz u Lapis jew {ugarell (Exercise Book and Pencil or Toy) from students in State, Church and private schools in Malta and Gozo have by far surpassed all expectations. And contributions went beyond just exercise books, pencils and toys.

Box after box of pencils, crayons, chalk, exercise books, school haversacks, soft and hard toys saturated the space available at the Association’s headquarters in Pietà, and additional space had to be sought in a private residence in Lija. These boxes have now been collected by the Mission Fund of Mosta for inclusion in the container destined for the Maltese Franciscan Sisters in Tanzania.

As in 2006, all schools and individuals contributing to the success of the campaign will be presented with a parchment certificate of acknowledgement and thanks at an occasion in the near future. The Council of Administration is also grateful to all those who helped in other ways such as transportation and packing of contributions, especially Membership Commission Chairman Anthony Aquilina.


Buoyed by its very successful debut at this year’s Foundation Day Concert, the ALPS Choir is busy rehearsing for what promises to be a very enjoyable concert at the exclusive Casino Maltese in Valletta on Saturday 26th April at 7.30 p.m. The concert, Serata all’Operetta, is being organised by the indefatigable Joe Fenech, aka ALPS Cultural Commission Chairman and Choir Master.

The concert will present well-known excerpts from 18 operettas and feature five soloists: sopranos Karen Camilleri and Louiselle Pace Gouder, mezzo-soprano Connie Frances Zerafa, tenor Bernard Busuttil and baritone Lewis Cassar.

The choir is being trained by Yolanda Micallef while the soloists are rehearsing with Cynthia Genovese, who will be at the piano during the performance. Tickets at €8 are available from Joe Fenech on telephone 21 410632 or Alex Borg.


This year’s ALPS Spiritual Retreat at Manresa House will be held on 30th and 31st May and 1st June (Friday to Sunday). It will be led by Fr Mario Jaccarini SJ.

As has now become standard practice, members and friends of ALPS are free to attend either for the duration or just on the Saturday or Sunday. They are encouraged to put forward suggestions for discussion at the retreat, although there can be no guarantee that all topics can be fitted in.

Since accommodation space at Manresa House is limited, full-board attendees will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The charges will be €46 per person for Friday to Sunday full board and €12 for Saturday (including lunch). Bookings complete with payment are to reach Secretary-General Alex Borg by 27th May.


The sub-committee organising the Association’s 15th anniversary in April 2009 was initially happy to receive a good number of suggestions of activities, but there has now been a lull. Maybe now that the electoral fever has subsided the flow will pick up again.

Of course there has already been a certain amount of duplication of suggestions, because great minds think alike! Suggestions will also be considered for a commemorative logo. All should be channelled as soon as possible to Secretary-General Alex Borg or Communications Officer/PRO Laurence Vella (see masthead).


Every time it has participated in a tour of any sort for its members and friends, the Association of Lyceum Past Students has invariably sought the organisational acumen of specialised local travel agencies, joining tours that they, rather than the Association, have organised. Cases in point over the years have been the tours to Russia with Cosmos, Morocco and Tunisia with Mondial Travel, Nice with Britannia Services Ltd, operatic tours with Euro Tours and last year’s grand tour to Canada with SMS Travel. When individuals travel under the ALPS banner the Association stands to gain financially, besides fostering the sense of togetherness.

This year the Council of Administration has decided to participate in a Mediterranean Cruise with SMS Travel, agents of Costa Crociere. As the flyer accompanying this issue of ALPS News amply illustrates, the cruise gets underway on 10th October.

The Council of Administration has negotiated specially-reduced tariffs for members and friends of ALPS, and subsequently acquired a further discount of 5% for bookings that are confirmed before the end of April. Bookings on a first-come, first-served basis are to be made directly with Mr Adrian Mifsud of SMS Travel Services of 311 Republic Street, Valletta (telephone 2123 2211). It is very important to request the ALPS special discount at time of booking.

This year the Council of Administration has decided to participate in a Mediterranean Cruise with SMS Travel, agents of “Costa Concordia”.. As the flyer accompanying this issue of ALPS News amply illustrates, the cruise gets underway on 10th October.


Ronald Serge, who attended the Lyceum at both Valletta and Hamrun between 1945 and 1950, has used the ALPS website to write from Canada and ask to hear from any of his former school or work mates, who may also be members of ALPS. Before leaving for Canada in 1978 he used to work at Cable & Wireless and later Telemalta. Ronald would be delighted with any messages on

in aid of Id-Dar tal-Providenza

Radisson SAS Bay Point Resort, St George’s Bay
4th April 2008


Ricciole with Cottage Cheese and
pancetta and pumpkin cream sauce


From the buffet

Pan-fried Supreme of Chicken
with sautéed artichokes, lemon and thyme gravy

Délice of Dentici
with tomatoes, black olives and basil

Daube of Pork
with porcini mushrooms and green peppercorn sauce

Roast Potatoes with Fennel Seeds
Glazed Carrots and Zucchini
Selection of Salads and Dressings


Bitter Chocolate Tart
topped with cinnamon cream and spicy pineapple compote


Coffee and Petit Fours


bottle of La Valette Red or White
Free flow of water

per person          
8 for 8.30 p.m.