JUNE 2008


Dear Friends and Colleagues in ALPS,

The next edition of The Chanticleer magazine is in the course of preparation for printing. This should coincide with the 15th anniversary celebrations that are being organised to culminate in 2009. Quite a lot of material has already been handed in, but there is room for even more that may be included in a bumper anniversary issue. Do come forward and present any articles or features that may possibly be considered for publication, sending them to the attention of Editor Laurence Vella (see masthead for details).

This message is being written to appeal to all ALPS members and friends to help the editorial team collect enough advertising revenue to cover some of the costs that will need to be incurred to prepare and print the magazine. Today’s printing costs are enormous and will definitely need to be covered by a sizeable quantity of adverts.

If every member and friend of ALPS were to help get us at least one advert from somebody he knows pretty well, and who may be pleased to support our Association by advertising in the magazine, we would be well on the way to achieving our goal. With the 15th anniversary celebrations in mind, the circulation should be not less than 3,000 copies, and that would certainly give wide exposure to anybody who places an advert in the magazine. The advertising costs are attached herewith and it is expected that with your help and cooperation we may be able to collect enough adverts to cover some if not all of the editing, design and printing costs.

May each and every one of you be generous and help in this mission, that we may start the printing by not later than October this year and have the next copy of The Chanticleer ready for launching and distribution in Malta and overseas before the end of this year.

The undersigned and/or Secretary General Alex Borg will be only too pleased to help you individually, if the need should arise to discuss any individual advertising lead which you may initiate for the good of the Association of Lyceum Past Students.

I am counting on the full and continued best support of all the ALPS members and friends and would therefore like to thank you in anticipation.



The traditional end-of-season ALPS Barbecue on the weekend closest to L-Imnarja is moving south this year. It will be held on Friday 27th June 2008 on the swimming-pool area terraces at Ir-Razzett tal-Hbiberija, Marsascala, at 7.30 for 8 p.m. The price will be €17 per person.

Please see the menu on the flyer at the end of this edition of ALPS News.

The capacity of the swimming pool area terraces is not unlimited, so please make your bookings as soon as possible with Secretary-General Alex Borg (see masthead for details) or ALPS Social Commission Chairman Robbie Ferrante on mobile 7960 3622, telephone 21 444570 or e-mail robbieferrante@hotmail.com. Payment will be expected to be effected with Alex Borg by Wednesday 25th June.

Secretary-General Alex Borg told ALPS News that the decision on this year’s venue hinged on two reasons: the change from a northern venue would do patrons good and besides, holding the BBQ at Ir-Razzett tal-Hbiberija would be a means of support for the sterling work that the place is doing with persons in need of special attention.


As has now become an annual occurrence, the ALPS spiritual retreat at Manresa House in Gozo from 30th May to 1st June was an inspirational success. All available rooms were taken up by ALPS members and friends and their spouses, and Saturday attendees joined in for the conference hall to be packed – indeed a wonderful sight that surpassed all other ALPS spiritual retreats to date.

The retreat was ably led by Fr Mario Jaccarini SJ, who not only came up with his own topics but very willingly roped in those suggested beforehand by attendees. All participants had nothing but words of praise for the way the retreat was conducted.

ALPS presented Manresa House with two linen and lace tablecloths for the assembly hall. They were made by Mrs Therese Calleja.

Writing in appreciation, ALPS President George Stagno Navarra told Manresa House Director Fr Joe Cilia that the overall effect of the three-day gathering would “certainly go a long way in our daily lives”. He also thanked the kitchen and housekeeping staff for the quality and punctuality of their work, which contributed to make attendees feel most welcome for this “holiday with God”, as Fr Cilia likes to call such retreats.

The dates of next year’s spiritual retreat have already been fixed as 22nd to 24th May 2009. So please pencil them in …


The ALPS Choir has continued to expand its portfolio by singing at its first Mass on the occasion of the feast of ALPS patron St George Preca at the St Anne Chapel in Pwales. It was a modest affair with not much time for preparation after the Serata all’Operetta at the Casino Maltese, but the choir gave its services just the same.

It has recently welcomed new singers to its ranks and is busy preparing for a concert in October to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of Giacomo Puccini.

Following the huge success of the Serata all’Operetta, the ALPS Council of Administration treated the choir members and their spouses (a number of whom are also choristers) to drinks at the Inspirations Restaurant at St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity in Valletta. ALPS President George Stagno Navarra and Cultural Commission Chairman and Choirmaster Joe Fenech thanked the choir members for the immediate interest they have taken, which has led to two very successful initial shows, and augured continued unflagging commitment for the future.


A total of over 50 ALPS members and friends and their spouses will be joining the mv Costa Concordia on 10th October for a week’s cruise in the Mediterranean. The cruise was made even more popular with the very advantageous prices negotiated by ALPS on the strength of its increasing membership and resultant buying power.

SMS Travel Assistant Travel Manager Adrian Mifsud said he was happy to have been instrumental in selling this cruise to ALPS, not least building on the success of the very successful Canada cruise in August-September 2007. He augured that the success of the Med cruise would entice an even-bigger ALPS group to travel again in future.


This year’s Grand Lyceum Reunion will be held on Saturday 4th October at the Main Hall of The Lyceum in Hamrun, with the kind permission of the Headmaster.

As usual, all Lyceum past students will be welcome to attend alone or with their spouses or partners, but the guests of honour will be those who left or entered The Lyceum 50 years ago, in 1958.

ALPS Membership Commission Chairman Tony Aquilina is already preparing to send out letters of application to all known Lyceum past students, irrespective of membership or otherwise of ALPS. They will be asked to refer names and e-mail or postal addresses of any former schoolmates with whom they may still be in touch. It is very important to send the applications in, both to receive formal invitations nearer the date and to help the Council of Administration plan catering requirements.


Id-Dar tal-Providenza Director Mgr Lawrence Gatt has again asked ALPS News to help propagate an appeal for part-time volunteers to come forward and offer their help at the home.

Of course all help would be welcome, but what he specifically has in mind at this point in time is clerical staff with a working knowledge of word processing.

Any potential volunteers are asked to contact the Home’s Administrator Mr Anton Vella on telephone 21 463686. As Mgr Gatt is wont to say, expect no payment except from Above.


Membership fees are now payable at the rates of €11.65 per year or €69.90 for life membership. Fees are to be sent to ALPS Treasurer David Abela at “Juniper”, Triq Ganni Vella, Tal-Qattus, Birkirkara. His telephone number is 2748 7693. Please quote the membership number as seen on the membership renewal advice form.


Several ALPS members and friends keep suggesting that ALPS News be distributed by e-mail rather than by costly conventional mail. But Secretary-General Alex Borg is invariably barraged by the electronic Postmaster with returned e-mails.

Members and friends who have changed their e-mail addresses, or who have had Internet recently installed on their computers, are earnestly asked to send in their updated addresses to info@alpsmalta.com.


The Council of Administration
of the Association of Lyceum Past Students
invites current members to get in touch
with suggestions of the types of
social, cultural, civic and philanthropic activities
they would like to see organised,
and to tell non-members
how much they appreciate and enjoy
ALPS’s activities.