MARCH 2010


Perhaps no other season speaks better of Hope and Faith than Easter. This day will mark the end of Lent, which implies suffering and signals a profound thought of truth – that is, redemption. As we all enter into Holy Week, it behoves us to contemplate on the suffering that continues in many parts of the world. The recent calamities that have hit Chile, Haiti, Turkey, Japan and nearby Italy with earthquakes, have caused great devastation and left hardship and misery for many people. It should make us all think how very fortunate we are to have been spared from such tragedies, as we live safe and sound in our homes close to our families and friends.

Let this Easter message therefore spur the thought among ALPS members and their families that this is the moment of truth, when we should all extend our solidarity with the stricken nations. Christ shall be risen for the entire world: for those who suffer injustices, for those who may be stricken by nature’s calamities, for the sick and the aged, for the people who are still seeking the word of God – and for us all, who live in hope of a better tomorrow. The Lord will certainly bring good tidings to mankind, and He shall deliver the Hope of Easter into people’s hearts.

A Very Happy Easter from the Council of Administration of ALPS. May we all have the blessings and taste from the heavenly gifts that the Risen Lord has promised us.

A Joyous Easter to you all.
George dei Conti Stagno Navarra

President ALPS

Ghaqda Ex-Studenti Liceo


The responsibility of leading The Association of Lyceum Past Students has again been entrusted to George Stagno Navarra for the next two years. At the last annual general meeting in January 2010 the post of the presidency remained uncontested and George was therefore re-elected.

May the start of another two years of Presidency continue to give him the strength and courage to move ahead and to put forward the changes that will enhance the existence and the functioning of a dynamic association.

As a team, we want to give you the very best information as we strive to be at the forefront with latest innovations. In the usual manner, we ask for the continued support that has always been coming from you ALPS members in the past. Without the backing and without your participating in activities that we are preparing for you on a regular basis, we cannot move ahead and gain more ground. All other associations envy the stamina and the spirit that ALPS demonstrates.

Let us together, therefore, continue to show that “we say what we mean and we honestly mean what we say”, all for the love of that word LYCEUM. It has now become deeply embedded in our hearts and we shall carry with us, for the rest of our lives, the name of the Liceo from our younger days.

Good luck, dear friends and colleagues. Encourage even more of your past Liceo schoolmates to come forward and join ALPS. Enrolment cards can be posted to anyone who wishes to introduce new members to the fold


For personal reasons, our friend and colleague in ALPS Laurie Vella preferred not to contest for a post on the Council of Administration at the last AGM in January 2010.

Much as we wished that he may continue to do the job which he has carried out so meticulously over a good number of years, we have to respect his decision and wish him luck in his retirement. Perhaps, Laurie may still offer his services towards the association in some other form. His contribution will always be welcomed.


We are confident that you may have already heard some of the most favourable comments after the ALPS dinner at the Paradise Bay Resort Hotel. Our association comes out with flying colours and continues to add more feathers onto its cap. We are building greater awareness among members and non-members. People have become accustomed to our motto, that whatever we do, we must do it to their entire satisfaction. And that’s how it should be.

Well, thanks to another concerted effort from all who lent a helping hand before, during and after the dinner itself, we managed to deliver another beautiful and resounding event that may be remembered for a long time in the future. Thanks again to each council member and spouses, for helping out with the preparation of raffle hampers, sale of tickets etc. Everything ran smoothly throughout the whole evening on Saturday 6th February 2010. It pleased all who were present for the Valentine’s Night special dinner celebration in no small way. Of course, the presentation of a nice flower to each lady guest added more colour and pleasure to the event. The hotel itself was generous with the food that was prepared for the occasion, and we are obliged to them for making this event really successful.


Thanks to the hard work put in by the Chapel Commission, it looks like we are going to have another eventful year ahead of us at Pwales. Hereunder, we repeat the dates that should be entered in your diaries for the remaining activities that are pre-planned for the chapel in the coming months.

There are no activities at St Anne’s Chapel during the month of April. This is mainly due to Easter Saturday, and the following two Saturdays will consist of the Bicycle Marathon at The Liceo in Hamrun. The following week we shall see His Holiness Pope Benedict’s visit on 17th and 18th April.

  • Saturday 8th May, Holy Mass at 1800 hrs – feast day of patron San Gorg Preca.
  • Saturday 5th June, Holy Mass at 1800 hrs.
  • Saturday 10th July, Holy Mass at 1900 hrs – feast of Sant’Anna (with reception and choir singing after Mass).
  • Saturday 7th August, Holy Mass at 1930 hrs.
  • Saturday 4th September, Holy Mass at 1930 hrs.
  • Saturday 2nd October, Holy Mass at 1730 hrs.
  • Saturday 6th November, Holy Mass at 1630 hrs – Remembrance Day.
  • Monday 13th December, Holy Mass at 1100 hrs – the ALPS Choir will sing Christmas carols in preparation for the Christmas festive season.

We want to see as many of you as possible coming to St Anne’s Chapel and participating in any one or, better still, ALL the activities. Unless otherwise notified, Fr William Bartolo the spiritual director of ALPS will celebrate Mass on each occasion listed above. If you happen to know of any priest/s who were themselves Liceo boys and who would like to join and concelebrate with Fr William on any one of the dates, please inform Secretary General Alex Borg on telephone 21 386812 or 2137 6387 – or, better still, contact Oscar Galea on telephone 21 896293 or 7989 6293.


Although the concert version of the opera L’Elisir d’Amore by Gaetano Donizetti at The Hotel Phoenicia Ballroom in Floriana has come and gone, the many favourable comments that we continued to receive have encouraged the producer Joe Fenech to organise a repeat performance. Very generously, all soloists and comperes Inez Farrugia and Tony Cassar Darien as well as the Musical Director Andre Paul Huber and pianist Corinne Briffa have accepted to participate for the repeat presentation at Hotel Le Meridien St Julian’s, Balluta Bay. The Malta Cultural Institute took it upon themselves to make available the venue where L’Elisir d’Amore could be repeated with even greater success.

Members and friends of ALPS who came and filled the hall on Monday 8th March were truly delighted with the concert. They heartily applauded the renowned soloists Karen Camilleri, Bernard Busuttil, Joe Huber, Ivan Vella and Connie Frances Zerafa and the ALPS Choir, who all dedicated plenty of their spare time rehearsing the L’Elisir d’Amore during the past few months. A word of thanks goes to ALPS council member Anthony Aquilina, who offered his assistance as stage manager. We also thank The Meridien Hotel management for offering nibbles during the interval.


We suggest that you pencil your diaries for Friday 14th May 2010. Venue – the Sacro Cuor Band Club in Sliema, from 8 p.m. onwards. The ALPS Choir will present another entertaining evening together with soloists. The rehearsals for this latest presentation are under way. We are truly hoping that it will be to your liking.

In fact, the popular songs that will be sung should awaken nostalgia from the younger years, and firmly encourage the audience to sing along with the choir. Entrance tickets at €5 per person shall be available through Joe Fenech and other council members as the event gets closer. More details to follow in due course.


The prayers that you have offered after receiving our appeal in the December 2009 newsletter have shown that the Dear Lord expedited the healing of our dear colleague Salvator Mousu’, who is now back in circulation and has returned to his usual routine. In fact, he will be keeping his word by organising a very interesting cultural tour of Valletta for those members and friends of ALPS who would like to come along on Saturday 29th May 2010.

The ALPS group (not more than 50 people) shall be meeting for the Valletta tour at 9.15 a.m. outside the Bishop’s Palace in Archbishop Street, Valletta. The tour starts with a visit to the Archbishop’s Palace, then a 30-minute stop for tea, coffee and use of toilets at the nearby German-Maltese Circle in St Christopher Street. This will be followed by a walk through Old Bakery Street up to the Augustinian Crypt, and finally the Franciscan Crypt in Republic Street.

It being a Saturday, some tokens need to be extended to guardians who will open up the various places that we shall visit. An all-inclusive contribution of €8 per person attending this interesting cultural tour will comprise the services of guide, tips and tokens and will also cover the tea/coffee break.

Please note that this tour has to be restricted to the first 50 persons who send in their booking with payment to Secretary General Alex Borg at “Alson”, Naxxar Road, San Gwann. Telephone early on 21 386812 or 2137 6387, or send an e-mail to


The official dates have now been set for the 9th to 11th April 2010 when the Maratona bir-Roti shall take place this year inside the grounds of The Liceo in Hamrun.

Readers are being requested to include these dates in their diaries to attend on any one or, better still, each day and to participate in such a noble cause. Funds raised from the Maratona this year are mainly destined for Id-Dar tal-Providenza.

For all those ALPS members and/or their families who may wish to cycle during the Maratona inside the Liceo grounds, the LBM organising committee this year will provide bicycles against a contribution of €10 per cyclist. Let us see many of you ALPS members encouraging your sons, daughters, in-laws and perhaps even the nephews and the nieces, and making a field day by exercising those muscles that have been aching to become active for a good cause.

Good luck and happy cycling. A masseuse “could” be in attendance after the ride!!!


  1. Weekend break B/B x 2 persons The Palace Hotel Sliema, ticket no: 17271
  2. Weekend break B/B x 2 persons The Dolmen Hotel Qawra, ticket no: 04006*
  3. One free flight to Crete by Fantasy Tours, ticket no: 01857*
  4. One free flight to Crete by Fantasy Tours, ticket no: 07341*
  5. One free flight to Crete by Fantasy Tours, ticket no: 07367*
  6. One free flight to Crete by Fantasy Tours, ticket no: 05429*
  7. One free flight to Crete by Fantasy Tours, ticket no: 08867
  8. One free flight to Crete by Fantasy Tours, ticket no: 11513
  9. One free flight to Crete by Fantasy Tours, ticket no: 11567
  10. One free flight to Crete by Fantasy Tours, ticket no: 02570.

*It is interesting to note that five of the winning numbers were held by ALPS members who participated in this first phase of the Maratona lottery.

With this newsletter we are attaching another packet of tickets for the second phase of the Maratona Lottery 2010. We encourage all ALPS members to buy these tickets and to participate in the lottery. There are many attractive presents to be won, so try your luck. You may be lucky the next time around. Besides, you will be helping to raise funds for Id-Dar tal-Providenza.

At the very earliest, please return ticket stubs with payment directly to Oscar Galea (ALPS council member on the Maratona Organising Committee) at “Harmony”, Triq Mater Boni Consigli, Fgura.

If you wish to receive even more tickets you may call Oscar on telephone 21 896293 or mobile 7989 6293.


The Association of Lyceum Past Students has started a football league among fifth formers of the Liceo. ALPS is sponsoring a shield to remain in school together with seven trophies that were presented to the winning classes.

The presentation to fifth formers took place on 5th March, when Deputy President George Grech presented the shield and trophies to Class 5.01 and mementoes to Class 5.04 as runners-up. Each trophy features the ALPS logo and an inscription which says that they are winners and runners-up for 2010.

For the fourth-form classes ALPS has just initiated another league. The winners and runners-up of this new league shall be presented with trophies in May 2010.


The President of the Republic of Malta has bestowed the honour of Gieh ir-Repubblika to ALPS member Professor Victor Muscat. While congratulating our dear friend and ALPS member on such a merited award, we wish him even greater success in his medical profession for the future.


We are proud to recall that newly-elected European Commissioner John Dalli once sat in the same school benches with most of us members in ALPS. He attended the Liceo and obtained passes that have enabled him to further his studies at even higher levels.

After a most successful political career at his home he has now leapt to a higher peak by being appointed European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Affairs in Brussels. No doubt he still attributes a small part of his success to the sound teaching he received in his younger days at The Lyceum.


In this issue of ALPS News we mourn the loss of Ronnie Fava (member, Canada), Notary George Bonello DuPuis (member), Mrs Rita Radmilli (member Major Radmilli’s wife), Prof. Alfred Cuschieri (council member Joe Fenech’s brother-in-law) and Mrs Carmela Mallia (council member Peter Paul Bonnici’s mother-in-law).

May they rest in peace in God’s arms. We extend our deepest sympathies to the bereaved families.

Life brings tears, smiles and memories. While the tears will dry and the smiles fade away, the memories of our dearly departed shall stay on till the rest of our days.


This appeal is directed to all members and friends of the association (locally and abroad) who have an e-mail address. Please forward a small message and confirm directly to council members Peter Tortell on or George Grech on, clearly inserting your full e-mail address.

The yearly costs of printing and posting the newsletter keep escalating. At the very earliest, therefore, we would like to start transmitting the newsletter and any other supplements to as many as possible ALPS members via e-mail. This will not only save us time and money but it can facilitate delivery much faster and easier. We count on your continued support to adjourn us to move with the times, while making our association even more efficient.


This year we shall be taking ALPS members and friends to the 5-star Corinthia San Gorg Hotel for the ALPS Summer BBQ.

The date shall be Friday 25th June. The venue will be La Piazza in the open air to the night breeze and overlooking the sea from the beautiful terrace under the lit tower.

Let us make this a special night to remember. In his usual style, David Vella will play tunes to your hearts’ delight and of course, anyone who prefers to dance will be encouraged to make the best of the evening.


Membership fees continue to stand at €12 per annum or, for those of you who may decide to become life members, a once-only payment of €70.

Please mail your subscription fees and any donation to ALPS Treasurer David Abela at “Juniper”, Triq Ganni Vella, Tal-Qattus, Birkirkara. We thank you in anticipation for your continuing support to The Association of Lyceum Past Students.