MAY 2010


The subscriptions you have paid over the years as members in ALPS have enabled a hardworking team in the Council of Administration to deliver a most comprehensive programme of different events and activities. The continued commitment on our part enables innovation and planning for greater achievements. Paying your annual subscriptions on time – or, better still, becoming life members – helps to meet the ever-rising costs of producing and printing the newsletter and/or other publications. It also helps us to honour the daily running costs. Do feel proud that you belong in ALPS. If you have not as yet sent in your subscription/s in arrear and/or renewal for this current year, please, please, write a cheque and forward immediately to Honorary Treasurer David Abela at “Juniper”, Ganni Vella Street, Tal-Qattus, B’Kara. Membership fees continue to stand at only €12 per annum and for those of you who may decide to become LIFE MEMBERS, a once only payment of €70 will suffice.

Today, The Association of Lyceum Past Students feels proud to present to you, an up-date of activities/achievements, held over a period of 15 years.. The association is dependent on the participation of its members in all that it produces over the years…A hard working team of council members, inherits year after year from a preceding council of administration and continues to add and to work together in order to reach set goals to the ever increasing popularity amongst LICEO past students of all ages.

650 paying members in ALPS.
60 members as Friends of the ALPS.
3 Overseas Branches of ALPS in Australia/Canada/USA.
2 Wayside Chapels have been restored with funds through ALPS
(St Philip and St James in San Gwann, St Anne in Pwales Valley/Xemxija.
9 full years of day to day constant caring for the chapel of St Anne at Pwales.
24 religious functions held inside the Pwales Chapel.
30 members and their spouses form the ALPS Choir.
16 were the concerts that have been organised, some even with the participation of the ALPS Choir.
15 years of participation by donating book prizes each year on Lyceum Prize Day.
10 years of ALPS help and participation in the Lyceum Bicycle Marathon to collect funds for good causes.
9 Religious Retreats have been organised by ALPS mainly at Manresa in Gozo.
22 Lyceum Scouts participate during most of the ALPS events, as they are considered to be forming part of the association.
63 were the social functions organised for you by ALPS.
34 in number were the cultural events over the past years organised by ALPS.
64 were the civic events prepared by ALPS.
2 commemorative marble plaques have been put up by ALPS (one at Pwales Chapel, one at the old Liceo building in Valletta).
8 overseas tours have been organised by ALPS for members and their families and friends.
2 philanthropic events were organised to assist children needing overseas medical treatment.
8 group reunions have been set up for Lyceum Past Students of different ages.
1 grand overseas reunion held in Toronto to meet our colleagues living in Canada.
136 Council of Administration meetings have taken place over a period of 15 years.
15 Annual General Meetings produced a steady flow of council members to manage ALPS.
2 philanthropic projects undertaken for children in Tanzania PITAZZ/LAPES u GUGARELL
2 Extraordinary General Meetings were called to regularise certain urgent matters in ALPS.
4 issues of the ALPS Magazine THE CHANTICLEER have been issued.
3 other associated publications were printed and distributed over the years by ALPS.

162 of the quasi-monthly A.L.P.S. NEWS have been prepared and posted to your addresses over the period of 15 years.

There are plenty more items in the pipeline, to continue with our commitment of giving to you the best programme. We always aim to create and present to you something new…that may please you and which can be appreciated by you.


Our spiritual director Fr. William Bartolo has this year celebrated the feast of St. Gorg Preca with Holy Mass at the Pwales Chapel on Saturday 8th May.. Needless to say, attendance was most encouraging. The congregation even spilled onto the parvis, listening carefully to a nice homily on the Patron Saint of A.L.P.S. It is a pleasure at this time of year to be nearer to God by getting closer to nature in the Pwales Valley…where, serenity reigns supreme with the chirping of birds and the sound of a watermill that continue to add to the fragrance of mother earth itself. It is strongly suggested that you make it a point to turn up for our next occasion with Holy Mass that will be celebrated on Saturday 5th June at 6.00PM


The A.L.P.S. choir led by Joe Fenech and under the direction of Andre Paul Huber and Pianist Corinne Briffa… have participated in another concert at The Sacro Cuor Band Club in Sliema on the 14th May 2010. The standing ovation that they have received together with soloists Karen Camilleri, Connie Frances Zerafa, Ivan Vella, Bernard Busuttil and Joe Huber and a well sized orchestrina, makes them even more proud to have sung the Opri, Kanzunetti w’Operetti. Many a time the audience joined and sang the popular chants, as it was indeed a happy evening for all who attended.

With the help of Marlene Ferrante on piano-synthesiser, the choir now prepares for the Feast of St. Anne on Saturday 10th July at 19.00hrs. Enter this date in your diaries and come along to participate with A.L.P.S. for this annual celebration. Other forthcoming events for the choir shall be private-garden concerts at Old People’s homes namely Casa Antonia/Balzan on the 16th July and at Casa Arkati/Mosta on the 23rd July 2010.


Saturday 5th June 2010 Holy Mass at 1800 hrs

Saturday 5th June 2010 Holy Mass at 1800 hrs

Saturday the 7th August 2010 Holy Mass at 1930 hrs

Saturday the 4th Sept 2010 Holy Mass at 1930 hrs

Saturday the 2nd October 2010 Holy Mass at 1730 hrs

Saturday the 6th Nov 2010 Holy Mass at 1630 hrs – Remebrance Day

Monday the 13th Dec 2010 Holy Mass at 11.00hrs –
The A.L.P.S. choir will sing Christmas carols in preparation for the Christmas Festive Season


Following the resounding success in December last year with the Christmas dinner, we have made arrangements to take you back to the prestigious five star Corinthia San Gorg Hotel. This years’ B-B-Q is being held on 25th June in the outdoor terrace ‘LA PIAZZA” (underneath the Tower). And, to the lovely musical tunes by David Vella, hopefully under a starlit night, we shall be welcoming the opening of the summer season, by organising for you sumptuous food as described in the menu hereunder with booking form. Time shall be 20.00hrs with welcome drink and food will be served from 2030 hrs. All reservation forms duly filled in and with accompanying payment @ €25.00 per person, MUST reach the Social Commission Chairman Robbie Ferrante or Secretary General Alex Borg by Monday the 21st June 2010. We are firmly committed with the hotel to hand in our table plan with total number of guests, at latest three days before the Bar-B-Que of Friday 25th June 2010.

Barbecue Menu

Penne Amattriciana

From the Grill
BBQ chicken thighs
Pork medallions with rosemary
Swordfish with lemon and coriander
Honey Basted Maltese sausages
Vegetable Rice
Jacket potatoes
Tomatoes, coleslaw, lettuce, cucumber and dressings

Apple pie & Ice-cream
(Some fresh fruit only by pre-booked special request)
Coffee & Mqaret

Early bookings with payment to be addressed to The Social Commission Chairman: Mr Rob. Ferrante
Haven Triq Almeridja, B’Kara BKR 08.Tel: 2144 4570 / 7060 3622– /
Or to Alex Borg at Alson Naxxar Rd San Gwann SGN 9032 tel: 2137 6387


The Hon. Dr. Michael Frendo himself a Lyceum Past Student and member in A.L.P.S., has of late been vested as the Speaker of The House of Representatives. Following a most distinguished and colourful life in the political scene, we now see our friend and colleague reaching an office of the highest esteem that deserves the respect from the people of Malta & Gozo. Whilst wishing him every success in his new post we augur that he may still remain in touch with his colleagues from his LICEO days.


This cheery ‘Get-Well’ greeting has so many wishes in it, there’s no doubt His Excellency President Dr. George Abela, should be feeling better every minute.

As an ex-Lyceum colleague of ours, we wish him a very speedy recovery.


We continue to emphasise the importance of building our database with all available e-mail addresses. For those of you who have already complied with our request, a very big THANK YOU…and for all others who still need to send in their form with the updated information, we respectfully appeal once again that you do so immediately. Do send in your details to Peter Tortell via his e-mail: or to George Grech on e-mail: Your continued help and support will no doubt reduce for us the mailing costs… We therefore count on your continued assistance towards making this aim become a reality.


A word of thanks to those of you who loaned to the association any material and/or photos that could be inserted in the latest publication of The Chanticleer Magazine. The job has been completed and we would like to invite you to approach Secretary General Alex Borg to identify your material and to retrieve for your record and sentimental value (before going please phone Alex tel: 2138 6812 / 9988 8579 ). Our humble apologies for the late return of your treasured material…and/or photos.


The Association of Lyceum Past Students is building up a collection from all LYCEUM past students, who may have at some time in their life written or published books, magazines or any other form of publications. We are confident that you would love to participate in the building up of a collection that will in turn be donated to THE LICEO headmaster for safe keeping and exhibiting inside a vetrine at his office.

Lyceum boys young and old have made a good name for themselves in Malta and abroad…The time has come for some form of recognition to those of you who have distinguished yourselves even more than others…Do come forward and hand over for this proposed collection, all material to Secretary General Alex Borg…at Alson Naxxar Road San Gwann.. You can send an e-mail or… (tel: 21 376 387/9988 8579) with your firm intentions, naming the title/s of the book/s that you wish to donate for this cause. Imagine having the books that you wrote, that shall now be inside the school which has given to us a sound education in our younger days and which of course we cherish till the end of our days.


Draw 19th April 2010

Pos Prize Ticket no
1 week-end break Hilton Hotel winner           Ticket no: 02090
2 week-end break Paradise Bay Hotel Resort     Ticket no: 08438
3 week-end break Golden Tulip-Vivaldi Hotel       Ticket no: 04655 
4 Dinner for two Blue Elephant restaurant-Hilton    Ticket no: 06842 
5 Sunday Buffet Lunch Oceana Restaurant Hilton  Ticket no: 02347 
6 Flight for two to Corfu (excluding taxes & chgs)  Ticket no: 02590
7 Flight for two to Corfu (excluding taxes & chgs)  Ticket no: 13281 
8 Flight for two to Corfu (excluding taxes & chgs)  Ticket no: 05747
9 Flight for two to Corfu (excluding taxes & chgs)  Ticket no: 00778 
10 RC model by Simons Models of Sta. Lucia       Ticket no: 07402 

Five of the prizes go to ticket holders participating in this raffle through The Association of Lyceum Past Students.

We recommend that you carefully check your tickets and claim your prize/s.



Members and friends of A.L.P.S. have enjoyed a most wonderful Valletta cultural tour that was organised by our colleague Salvator Mousù on Saturday the 29th May 2010. Starting with the Archbishop’s Palace in Archbishop Street Valletta, we then proceeded to an inclusive tea / coffee break at the German Maltese Circle cafeteria…From there, we walked up Republic Street and finally went to the Franciscan Crypt in Republic Street. The tour ended to everyone’s great satisfaction. Many thanks to Salvator Mousu, for explaining in great detail to all participants, the historical importance of the places that we have visited. Always a pleasure to learn something new…


The Lyceum Bicycle Marathon this year was another success. Together with the A.L.P.S. President, a number of council members extended to the organising committee a helping hand by manning the bar sales, phone-ins, prepared hampers for raffles during the event and have also assisted in other important chores. It was a satisfaction for us to have presented contributions to the tune of €1000 which came from fund raising activities, and other collections from members & friends of the A.L.P.S… For the two raffles that were held during December 2009 and April 2010, we helped in no small way with the sale of raffle tickets through your help and collaboration too. Indications are, that funds from the Maratona 2010… may have surpassed last year’s amount. In the main such funds are destined for Dar Tal-Providenza and the Malta Hospice Movement. Your continued support in such a noble cause merits a “special word of thanks” to all, who have supported the appeals that we have made to you over the recent past weeks… in this regard.

God Bless you for the help that you have extended to A.L.P.S.


SOMETHING NEW TO KEEP MEMBERS HAPPY AND HEALTHY “Dance to Health” and stay fit all year round…with A.L.P.S.

The ALPS Council of Administration intends to launch the ‘Dance to Health Scheme’ and is inviting interested members and their friends to show their interest to participate in dance lessons. This can serve as a means also to socialise as a perfect antidote to stress. This year marks the EU’s intended stimulus to involve all Member States to motivate 60 years+ citizens to dance, as a total well-being form providing a channel of communication in a very special way which is often more reliable and effective than the spoken word. We can attain through this means – serenity, peace, spiritual enhancement, self-confidence and greater physical energy for ourselves and for those around us every day of the year.

Now this is where you come in, as ALPS Members. Kindly use the contact hereunder, to be included within the list of Members who have already expressed their interest to this initiative. Your support guarantees that the ALPS Council of Administration would be able to organise the most appropriate venue for the ultimate convenience to its Members. A repeat success to other past initiatives which ALPS reserves to its Members and friends, is hereby being promoted. Get organised by taking part in the sessions – finding them an enjoyable means of exercising, therapeutic and creative; as well as a good learning experience. A minimum of 25 participants is indispensable to secure the anticipated and successful response to this initiative. Kindly forward your details with intention to take part in this latest initiative to council member PeterPaul Bonnici (who was instrumental in coming up with the idea)…via his e-mail: or tel: 7982 4250.


This year’s spiritual retreat between 21st and 23rd May attracted 53 participants. Fr. Charles Tabone kept the entire congregation listening most attentively and instigated open discussion which followed his most interesting talks. At times, the tea/coffee break was cut short not to lose anything from the teachings that were channelled by Fr. Tabone. It certainly was another success for the A.L.P.S. Many have already intimated their intention to attend for next year’s retreat on 3rd, 4th and 5th June 2011 at same Manresa House, Gozo.


The passing away to eternal life of A.L.P.S., members and/or their immediate family dependents…merits that a mention can be included during the monthly celebration of Holy Mass at The Pwales Chapel. Do send in the details of deceased person/s to Secretary General on e-mail: or telephone 2137 6387. We shall be more than happy to offer prayers and special intentions during Mass.