I bring to you the Council’s Greetings and Good Tidings so that this message of ‘Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All’ will have a special personal meaning to all of us in the association.
The Christmas message reminds us that service to others is central to our lives and that sacrifice and unconditional love must guide and inspire us to lead lives of compassion, mercy and justice.

While many challenges faced us in the past year, we certainly were blessed with much more things to be thankful for. The camaraderie greatly surpassed whatever feelings that were brought about by disparate views on legitimate issues. We forged ahead with our projects and work schedules despite challenges that arose along the way, knowing fully well that such challenges are integral in an association such as ours. We as a group, place our focus on the most noble objectives that we have set for ourselves. As A.L.P.S. President, I have observed how our members are indeed the Associations’ main asset and a key resource to realising the great possibilities for contributing to even more progress in our association.

I have always believed that the process of change is led from within with your participation, in order to continue to generate a healthy internal discussion and to explore your vast collective knowledge. I continue to be ever so greatful to you all for your continued support and constructive input. For as long as I may remain in the President’s chair, I shall continue to look forward to your ideas, efforts and contributions in the years ahead. You will no doubt agree, that our purpose is to make the most of our association and of the fine qualities and great potential of all its members.

As we move slowly slowly into the New Year, let us be steadfast in our belief that the Christmas message of ‘ Peace and Goodwill to All’ will carry us through any future obstacle. My dear friends and colleagues, let us remember that we enjoy a camaraderie and brotherhood that really and truly stems from our christian faith. I do wish and hope we can take this Christmas spirit with us everyday of the New Year . Wishing you a Holy & Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous and Healthy New Year 2011.

George Stagno Navarra
President – A. L. P. S.



In spite of the inclement weather that prevailed just prior to the start, the evening reunion on the 23rd October 2010 went very well. We had a very good participation that has filled the Lyceum main hall. The evening started off with Holy Mass. This time it was celebrated by Fr. Daniel Galea from the Carmelites Priory of Fgura. Our spiritual Director Fr. William Bartolo was indisposed and he therefore made arrangements for Fr. Daniel to be his substitute for the event.

The A.L.P.S. choir sang a number of hymns during Mass and continued to entertain the gathering soon after, with more popular chants like Vecchio Scarpone, Lanca Gejja w’Ohra sejra & Rollout the Barrel…..The reception that followed with food and drinks kept all participants busily talking and reminiscing from the good old days they have spent at the Lyceum in their youth. It would be fair to say that the Lyceum Scouts have aided in no small way during the whole evening.

James Caterers have again provided plenty of good eats, all thanks to the close relationship that council member David Abela holds with the firm.
Such an event each year continues to strengthen the ties between past students young and old and the LICEO they all love so much.

DONATION OF BOOKS written by Lyceum Past Students:

It is worth mentioning that this year was a more special occasion, in view of the fact that during the October reunion, A.L.P.S. made a presentation of books all written and donated by Lyceum past Students. In response to an appeal made recently by The Association of Lyceum Past Students, many of its members from Malta and abroad wanted to show their gratitude and all wished to give something back to the school that had given them so much education at secondary level in their younger days. For the occasion, A.L.P.S. President addressed the gathering and made the presentation to Mr. Joe Sammut who received the collection on behalf of the Liceo Headmaster.

It is anticipated that this valuable collection may continue to grow even larger. The books will be placed in a special cabinet inside the Lyceum boardroom where they may be viewed and admired by all visitors to the school. It is the pride and joy of every one of the writers to have his book/s amongst this sizeable collection. These past students have felt the urge to make the sound of their pens continue to echo into a future, when other generations who will come after us can read and admire the fabulous writings prepared by many learned scholars. They have not only made a name for themselves but have also made their island nation Malta very proud, as well as the Lyceum, from where they acquired their schooling in their younger days. Well done to everyone who contributed books and written works towards this cause. May there be others who will follow in their stead.

Please continue to hand in your books via Secretary General Alex Borg: tel: 2137 6387 / 2138 6812 or mobile 9988 8512 or e-mail: / Council members Alex Borg and Peter Tortell co-ordinated the collection of such books.

DANCE TO HEALTH and always stay fit….…

The Samba & the Cha Cha Cha have seen the dancers paying extra attention to the various sequences…The lessons are conducted by Alistair who is a professional dance teacher. Always well attended and to the accompaniment of appropriate music…one could say that the participants are gaining more and more confidence in their steps. As a matter of fact they have started moving around the Liceo main hall thinking that they may be in some lavish ballroom.

Do come along and join this initiative that we have code named ‘ Dance to Health’
in order to keep in good trim…whilst learning something new…in the dancing field. Please communicate directly with Mr. PeterPaul Bonnici on tel: 7982 4250 / 2167 2684 or by if you can decide to join for the dance lessons. Utilise this therapy for body and mind and get even closer to other Lyceum Past Students Association members and their friends.…


Our friend and A.L.P.S. member Salvator Mousu’ offered to organise for A.L.P.S. members and friends, another interesting cultural outing. We shall be visiting new places of interest in/around Mqabba.

The price per person is €uros 8.00 and early booking is recommended. Please send your details soonest with payment to Secretary General Alex Borg Tel: 2137 6387 / 9988 8579 . Bookings please are to reach Secretary General
by not later than mid-day on Thursday the 11th November 2010.

As previously announced, we all meet in Mqabba at 9.30 a.m.
The piazza’s name where we’ll meet is
Piazza Gublew tad-Diamanti.
Then “we’ll follow my leader” to “L-Isptar”
and then to Main square
The tour starts at 10.00hrs SHARP.with the Catacombs.
10.15 Salvator will deliver a short talk at Old Knights Hospital (recently restored).
10.45 to 11.15 tea/coffee break.
11.30to 12.15 A visit to The church of San Basilio. 12.30 we leave..

May we take this opportunity to thank our dear colleague Salvator Mousu for such cultural tours that he so patiently organises for us, to enrich our knowledge about
heritage sites and places of interest that perhaps we may have never visited before.


Yet again a good number of A.L.P.S. members and friends have this year attended for the Opera LA TRAVIATA in Gozo. As customary, council member Joe Fenech managed to obtain very good seats for the Saturday 30th October presentation at The Astra Theatre. Soprano Miriam Cauchi delivered a wonderful performance throughout the three different acts of this marvellous opera by Giuseppe Verdi. La Traviata might seem typical operatic fare: a tale of star-crossed lovers who are reunited in the final scene only for the lead soprano to die of consumption on stage.

Again thanks to our friend Joe Fenech the pre-opera lecture with musical excerpts that he presented at the Salesians hall two days prior to the opera itself, kept everyone who attended fully attentive from beginning to end. We went to the opera with much greater knowledge as to what was to happen and the sequence of events how things were to develop over the operatic evening at the Astra Theatre. It was a great success and has enabled the A.L.P.S. group to get to know each other even more at the Downtown main restaurant over a sumptuous dinner after the opera.


For the very first time, electronic- mailing of the Newsletter has started from the month of Oct 2010. Volume 10 issue no 5 has found itself on the computer screens of all those A.L.P.S. members who have positively acceded to the association’s request and gave their correct e-mail address. For them, it was much faster and simpler to read the ALPS news from the comfort of their PC’s & laptops.

It is hoped, that many more A.L.P.S. members may contribute towards this aim by helping the association to reduce on the postage costs every month. We depend on your continued support towards achieving this much desired restructuring of our mailing system. Council member Oscar Galea encourages all those who have still not sent in their correct e-mail address…to immediately ………..HIT THE SEND BUTTON to There will be an acknowledgement to ensure correct registration in the e-mail data register for all future communications to be passed on to you in such manner. Help us to reduce on the postal charges.


Our Spiritual Director Fr. William Bartolo will next celebrate Holy Mass at 11.00hrs on the public holiday that falls on Monday the 13th December 2010. Come along and participate with the A.L.P.S. choir when they sing Christmas carols in preparation for the Christmas-Festive Season…

Once again we appeal to all our members and their families to visit this chapel in the Pwales Valley. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than to see a large congregation consisting of A.L.P.S. members with their families and friends at each function that we organise for you in Pwales.


More and more voices can improve the strength of the A.L.P.S. choir. We are on the look-out for new members who can be interested in joining and forming part of the A.L.P.S. choir. Although it may still be small in size, the A.L.P.S. choir has a very big heart and is so full of enthusiasm. Weekly rehearsals on Thursdays at 19.00hrs are organised at The Salesian’s Hall in Sliema.

Please phone Joe Fenech: 2141 0632 and he will guide you accordingly on this subject. There is room for all who may be interested in joining the association choir. We have now started rehearsing for the forthcoming festive season. The choir will be visiting a number of old peoples homes around Malta to cheer up the elders and convey to them the happiness and the joys of Christmas. Give it a try and you will feel that satisfaction and the pleasure of participating in something that can please you and others.

New stock of: A.L.P.S. LAPEL BADGES

Make it a point to wear a LICEO lapel badge for the Yuletide- dinner. Let all Lyceum Past Students distinguish themselves by sporting our much loved badge. If you have not as yet acquired one of these lapel badges, please be advised that council members will be making the rounds and selling them at the Christmas dinner @ €2.00 each.

You can also order through the post by communicating with Secretary General Alex Borg tel: 2137 6387 . Payment @ €2.00 each plus an extra 50 cents if requested by post.. At every A.L.P.S. function they can be made available together with Blazer Badges and A.L.P.S .blue ties too.


Remembrance mass was celebrated on Saturday the 6th November by Fr. William Bartolo. Prayers were offered during Holy Mass for our dearly departed members and/or their family members as well as the Pwales neighbourhood families.

During Holy Mass, the congregation remembered A.L.P.S. founder President Dr. Guido Saliba who so loved the chapel and worked with his bare hands during the initial years when we took over the upkeep and embellishment of such a country chapel. Some A.L.P.S. members have passed away to eternal life during the current year. Let us keep their memories in our hearts and continue to remember them in our prayers.

Besides including Founder President Dr. Guido Saliba who passed away in December 2004, many other names of past council and other ordinary members and/or their families, Lyceum past teachers and students as well as the Pwales Community were mentioned. We all renew our deepest condolences to the bereaved families.
May the souls of the dearly departed rest in peace.



The A.L.P.S. web-site is continuously being updated with more and more photos from functions held by the association over the past years. In particular we keep receiving and pasting for everyone’s attention, some lovely photos showing “ COLLEAGUES OF OLD….” Many a time these will bring back unforgettable memories especially if seen
after a good number of years and reminiscing and renewing friendship between LICEO past students who are still alive in Malta or abroad.

We can only repeat our appeal that you should continue to furnish A.L.P.S. with such photos. We promise to circulate to everyone via our web-site section entitled “Colleagues of Old. Please forward to PRO. Peter Tortell on or tel: 2131 3224. Thank you for your cooperation.

Do continue to visit our web-site with the very latest updates.


We appeal to all those members who may not as yet have regularised their position regarding the payment of outstanding membership fees to A.L.P.S. Please help your association to keep abreast with all its functions and activities by settling before the end of 2010, all outstanding amounts that may have skipped your attention.

Your valued subscription gives us the courage to continue in our work and to implement changes that can only make The Association of Lyceum Past Students the pride of all LICEO past students. Membership Fees are to be addressed to ALPS Treasurer David Abela at: “Juniper”, Triq Ganni Vella, Tal-Qattus, Birkirkara BKR 13.


As already announced in a previous newsletter, please remember that an EGM is to be held at The Liceo / Hamrun on the 30th November 2010 at 18.30hrs., You are kindly requested to come and vote for the implementing of the revised statute and for A.L.P.S. to be registered as NGO.

AGENDA for Extraordinary General Meeting:

Opening Prayers
Short address by A.L.P.S. President
Reading & approval of revised statute
Approval for registering A.L.P.S. as NGO


Always keeping to the tradition of taking our members to luxurious venues, we have this year selected The Grand Hotel Excelsior Ballroom. We are confident that the combination of food as well as the venue hall may add to the merriment of this Christmas dinner. Price is @ €30 per person including 2 glasses of wine and water. Welcome drink at 8.00 and dinner to follow from 8.30pm. You are kindly requested to send your booking forms with payment at the given addresses, by not later than the 29th November 2010. This enables the hotel to prepare table plan charts and suitable tabling arrangements to the preferred requirements for the dinner.

Semi plated Buffet Menu

Plated Starters
Chefs selection of Antipasti
Buffet Counter
Slow roasted Turkey Roll

accompanied with crispy bacon and sauté mushrooms
complimented with cranberry and onion sauce
Baked fillets of Stone Bass
finished with a Mediterranean dressing
Grilled medallions of Pork
Rested in thyme and orange marinade
served with fresh thyme flavored jus
Seasonal vegetables with butter
Roast new potato with spicy seasoning

Plated Dessert

Excelsior’s – Christmas Creation

Raffles for Christmas hampers and other interesting prizes will be drawn

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