A belated Happy New Year dear members and friends of A.L.P.S.

The 3rd of December 2010, was a special date for the Association of Lyceum Past Students. This year’s Christmas dinner attracted 280 guests inside the Ballroom of The Grand Hotel Excelsior where we have dined and enjoyed ourselves in eachother’s company. Raffles were drawn and many people walked out with lovely hampers and other gifts under their arms. It was a lovely event with the venue hall so nicely decorated to make us even more cosy and happy where we celebrated the start to the festive season.
We hope, that you have all had some nice Christmas & New Year celebrations, away from the everyday commitments and enjoyed time with family and friends over this period. After the grand yuletide dinner, the A.L.P.S. council members have also taken a rest, to re-energise themselves and gear- up for another busy year 2011 ahead of us.

We are looking forward to continue the work that had been started and left unfinished during the past year. We also wish to venture into new things that may be beneficial to our association. In the subsequent pages of this newsletter, we are touching on the different subjects that may involve you members and friends of A.L.P.S. We very much like to present to you well in advance, a calendar of events that would enable you to keep diary notes so that you can remember to participate in all the events that we are planning and preparing for you during this year that has just started…The editorship of this AlpsNews, is fortunate in presenting to you good tidings at the start of another year. Deep down, we are convinced that you may all be awaiting such planning, as you intend to particiapte in everything that A.L.P.S. prepares and presents to you dear members. Good luck to you all and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible for each event….Do remember to encourage more of your LICEO past collegues, to come and join the A.L.P.S. happy family….Our sole aim continues to be that of’ getting people together’.


In the wake of another year, we start thinking of The Annual General Meeting. Due to many other commitments that were urgent, we have this year postponed such meeting to the month of February 2011. This will enable us to circulate the customary nomination forms for the election of a new Council of Administration that may continue with the work of the association. To the outgoing members who have served over the past twelve months on A.L.P.S. council, a word of thanks for their commitment to ensure that all we have presented was a success. May their enthusiasm, once again encourage them to contest another election so that they may jointly continue to serve you members and friends of A.L.P.S. And, if there may be newcomers to the new council, a big welcome and thanks also for their courage and esprit de corps…in sharing the responsibilities and duties that fall on the shoulders of each and every elected council member…Devotion and enthusiasm towards a dynamic association like ours, must never be lacking in all that we
do during the twelve months of the year. An attachment to this newsletter will describe in detail the procedure for nomination of eligible candidates with the completion of appropriate forms duly seconded and signed. These forms MUST reach secretary general by not later that the 11th February 2011. Apart from the post of Secretary General, another eight members are to be nominated for the coming election. In the usual manner the AGM shall be held at The Lyceum boardroom in Wenzu Mallia Street Hamrun at 18.00hrs on the 25th February 2011.

All paid up members are invited to come along and participate in elections that may give continuity to the associaton works. ( Nomination forms are on page 11).

We continue to collect books that are written by Lyceum Past Students:

You probably heard from television or from the newspapers, about an arson attack that has been committed at the Lyceum Library in Hamrun. Fortunately we are assured that the collection of books recently presented to the LICEO and that have all been written by Lyceum Past Students, have miraculously been spared from the flames that engulfed a good section of the library. Only soot markings that can be cleaned by specialists in the field of restoration have affected some of the books. The Headmaster of the school is leaving no stone unturned to encourage the investigating authorities, so that the perpetrators of such a callous act may be apprehended and made to answer for such wrong doing. These persons do not realize that such cowardly acts can only destroy what had been so painstakingly prepared over a good number of years by past Lyceum scholars who have felt that they wanted to leave something to the school that has given to them so much in their younger days…As anticipated, the collection that we have made to the Lyceum, will continue to grow. We are convinced there are still many of you out there who want to reach out and express their solidarity with the LICEO administration to rebuild and restore the school library to what it was if not better, than before the arson took place last month. Well done to everyone who up to now has contributed books and other written works towards this cause. For sure there are many others who will follow in their stead.

Please continue to hand in your books via Secretary General Alex Borg: tel: 2137 6387 / 2138 6812 or mobile 9988 8512 or e-mail: alpsmalta@gmail.com / info@alps.com.mt Council members Alex Borg and Peter Tortell continue to co-ordinate the collection of such books.


It takes a lot of thinking and preparations to organize a Valentine’s Night dinner on the 12th day of February 2011…for our members. After lengthy negotiations and having approached a number of different hotels, we have finally concluded a very good deal with The Radisson Blu Golden Sands Hotel Ghajn Tuffieha. We have chosen for you a most prestigious venue where you may even spend a week-end ( if preferred), in the company of your family and other members and friends …whilst helping A.L.P.S. to raise funds for Dar tal-Providenza & The Malta Hospice Movement. The attached folio with full venue address, buffet-menu and date/s with booking form is self explanatory. Early bookings with accompanying payment are to be directed to Alex Borg at 82 Naxxar Road San Gwann tel: 2137 6387 –alpsmalta@gmail.com or to Robbie Ferrante at Haven Triq Almeridja B’Kara tel 2144 4570 – 7960 3622 – robbieferrante@hotmail.com. Come and enjoy the luxury of such a wonderful hotel at affordable prices specially made available to A.L.P.S. and that will suit every pocket. Don’t forget that your participation will be helping in a most noble cause.. (booking form & menu card on pages 9 &10)


After the recent and much needed revamping of the A.L.P.S. web-site with more and more photos of functions held by the association over the past years, we wish to once again appeal to you for the loaning of old photos that can bring a smile to others…Everyone would have stored somewhere, a treasured picture from a class group or perhaps some sports event of younger days… In particular, we keep asking for everyone’s co-operation with photos showing “ COLLEAGUES OF OLD….” Many a time these can remind us of some unforgettable memories especially when viewed after a number of years

We can only repeat our appeal that you should continue to furnish A.L.P.S. with such photos. We promise to circulate via our web-site section entitled “Colleagues of Old. Kindly forward either to council member Peter Tortell on petertortell47@gmail.com on tel: 2131 3224. or to PeterPaul Bonnici on petpol@maltanet.net tel: 2167 2684.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.
Click and visit our web-site www.alpsmalta.com with the very latest updates.

The A.L.P.S. – Dance to health awareness campaign…

EXCEPTIONAL ….. is the general comment most of attendees to the Dance lesson expressed, after the displayed performance of the laurelled World Champions Nikita (10 years) and Alistair (9years) who made our island nation proud when the Maltese National Anthem reverberated at the Dance Palaise in Paris last December2010..
These young talented artists gave a performance that lasted some twenty minutes at the end of the usual dance to health lesson at The Lyceum main hall only a few days before Christmas. A light reception offered after the performance and the small gift handed to the young dancers at the end of their display, were equally appreciated.

For those who could not make it to the dance lesson, words cannot describe the high level of talent Nikita and Alistair offered to one and all. In a short address, A.L.P.S., council member Peter Paul Bonnici, aimed to underline and acknowledge the professional efforts delivered by these highly talented children, whilst he augured for similar future successes for themselves and for our Nation as well. It is important, that the number of participants to the Dance for Health initiative will be maintained in order to keep the cost of each lesson at the much reduced special rates. This will ensure that every participant continues to pay a reasonable price per lesson. Another appeal is therefore being channelled to you members. Come and try such dance lessons that may keep you happy, and slim and in good health whilst learning something new…in the dancing field. Please communicate directly with Mr. PeterPaul Bonnici on tel: 7982 4250 / 2167 2684 or by e-mail: petpol@maltanet.net… if you can decide to join for the dance lessons. Utilise this therapy for body and mind and together with The Association of Lyceum Past Students you may establish new friendships.…

THE MQABBA CULTURAL TOUR was another great success..

It goes without saying that the cultural tour organised by our friend and A.L.P.S. member Salvator Mousu’, was another great success. The number of participants for this tour exceeded the fortyfive mark. We visited a number of historical places in the Mqabba area that is so much enriched with such treasures.

Once again, we take this opportunity to thank our dear colleague Salvator Mousu for such cultural tours that he organises for A.L.P.S. members and friends. We are hoping, that in the very near future we can yet again be blessed with another tour that Salvator can prepare for us…We shall be able to give more details in a next newsletter.

ALPSNEWS by E-MAIL to members and friends:

e- mailing of the Newsletter has started from the month of Oct 2010. Since that date more and more members have sent in their e-mail address. Others may still be hesitant and need to comply with such request. You will be helping the association in reducing postal costs over the year. Please comply soonest and you will discover that, it is much faster and simpler to read the ALPS news from the comfort of your PC ’s & laptops.

DO HIT THE SEND BUTTON to oaggalea@maltanet.net There will be an acknowledgement to ensure correct registration in the e-mail register. All future communications will be passed on to you in such manner. Help us make your association even more efficient to the benefit of all members and friends.


On the 13th December 2010, the Pwales chapel came alive with a very large congregation. The weather was very pleasant and the chapel benches have accommodated a good number of members who did not find a seat inside the chapel. They sat comfortably in the open air on the chapel parvis. Our Spiritual Director Fr. William Bartolo celebrated Holy Mass and delivered a nice sermon at 11.00hrs. And, under the direction of council member Joe Fenech, the A.L.P.S. choir sang hymns during Holy mass and continued with a specially prepared program of nice popular carols for the Christmas-Festive Season Mood……..

A.L.P.S. President George Stagno Navarra and other council members who were present, have greeted the participants who showed great appreciation for this initiative that is gaining more popularity each year. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than to see a large congregation consisting of A.L.P.S. members with their families and friends at such functions inside the quaint Pwales Chapel.

Do make a diary note for 13th December 2011 (please God). Come to Pwales valley and bring more of your friends with you to partake from this event.

By the way, here’s a full years’ program of events-2011 that are to be held at Pwales:

Pencil your diaries and insert in your home almanacs these dates:

22nd January Holy Mass at 16.30 hrs
19th February Holy Mass at 16.30 hrs
12th March Holy Mass at 16.30 hrs
7TH May Holy Mass at 18.00 hrs
11th June Holy Mass at 18.00 hrs
9th July Holy Mass at 19.00 hrs (Festa Sant’Anna)
15th October Holy Mass at 18.00 hrs
12th November Holy Mass at 16.30 hrs (remembrance mass)
13th December Holy Mass at 11.00 hrs (carol singing included)

All enquiries concerning the functions at Pwales Chapel, may be directed to council member Oscar Galea.
He can be reached on tel: 2189 6293 / 7989 6293…or e-mail: oaggalea@maltanet.net


We remain on the look out for new male and female voices to improve the strength of the A.L.P.S. choir. Any new members who can be interested in joining and forming part of the A.L.P.S. choir. may start coming for weekly rehearsals that are held on Thursdays at 19.00hrs at The Salesian’s Hall in Sliema. Please phone Joe Fenech: 2141 0632 and he will be only too pleased to guide you accordingly on this subject.

Everyone is welcome (members & non-members) to join the association’s choir.
During the month of December 2010, the choir visited four old peoples homes namely Dar Sagra Familja in Naxxar, Casa Antonia in Balzan, Casa Leone in St. Julians and Casa Arakti in Mosta… to cheer up the elders and to convey to them the happiness and the joys of Christmas. It is a great satisfaction for all choir members to have given a measure of happiness to the elderly persons in such homes. Why not give it a try yourself. You too will be able to feel that satisfaction and the pleasure of participating in something that can please you and others.

This year, The Association of Lyceum Past Students proudly presents a Foundation day Concert produced by Joe Fenech and titled:“ From the Operetta to The Musical”
The concert will be held at The Salesian Theatre- Sliema on Friday 18th of March 2011 at 19.30hrs. The A.L.P.S. choir trained by M/s Marlene Ferrante will join solo singers like Karen Camilleri, Claire Caruana, Connie Francis Zerafa and Bernard Busuttil.
The Armonia Mediterranea Chamber Ensemble conducted by Andre’ Paul Huber as well as the participation of The Ballet School directed by Jane Bellia & Ray Mamo will add more pleasure to this concert. On the piano we shall be having Corinne Briffa throughout the evening.

Tickets @ €10 per person will start being sold from the last week of February 2011.
All proceeds from this activity are to go to the Salesian Youth Centre in Sliema.,
in recognition for their continued help throughout the year by loaning a hall to the A.L.P.S. choir for rehearsals. In a next newsletter, we shall announce the addresses where the tickets for the concert may be obtained from. Do make it a point to come along and bring with you family and friends for a guaranteed evening of entertainment.

(free parking at St. Patrick’s Ground nearby, shall also be made available during the concert)

Sporting the A.L.P.S. LAPEL BADGES…

All Lyceum Past Students should distinguish themselves by sporting our much loved badge on their jacket and coats at all times of the week… You can order through the post by communicating with Secretary General Alex Borg tel: 2137 6387 / 9988 8579…..or alpmalta@gmail.com . Payment @ €2.00 each plus an extra 50 cents if requested by post.. At every A.L.P.S. function, Lapel Badges continue to be made available together with Blazer Badges and A.L.P.S .blue ties too.


The Maratona bir-Roti spread over a week-end 25th/27th March 2011, will this year be held at The Liceo grounds in Hamrun. Students and other participants are expected to cycle non-stop for fifty hours and more, to help raise funds for Dar Tal-Providenza and The Malta Hospice Movement. As customary, the Association of Lyceum Past Students will give a helping hand. We already have two council members sitting permanently throughout the year on the Bicycle Marathon Organising Committee.. This helps in keeping us duly informed as well as enabling us to prepare a schedule of duties that can be incorporated within the Maratona week-end..

All for a good and noble cause, we give from our personal time and energy and help during the event. From now, we encourage each and every one of you members and friends to come along on the stipulated dates to help us help the others. Nearer to the date, you will also be given raffle tickets to purchase and to try your luck at winning some of the wonderful prizes. Your participating in this event will be a silent manner of showing solidarity with people who are less fortunate than us.

A full program about this event will be forwarded in a next Newsletter. In Jum il-Mulej we also booked adverts during the month of March 2011…that may remind people to take part in such a worthy cause…


The Association of Lyceum Past Students will again organize for its members, a week-end of recollection – retreat – at Manresa House in Gozo. The lectures this year shall be delivered by Fr. Paul Chetcuti.

All those interested in participating for this retreat, are to notify Secretary General Alex Borg at the earliest possible, on tel: 2138 6812 / 2137 6387 / or 9988 8579 / or e-mail alps@global.net.mtalpsmalta@gmail.com…Rooms . Even those who have already given their names to Secretary General, are kindly being asked to again phone and please make your firm intentions to Alex Borg who will be making firm bookings.

Rooms accommodation at Manresa House is very limited and any excess number of participants, will therefore have to be accommodated at a different venue address on bed & breakfast basis only, namely Santu Wistin Convent in Rabat Gozo. First come first serve basis is being adopted and we therefore ask you to make your intentions known soonest, to avoid disappointment. Last year we were a group of fifty and, this year we aim to surpass that number by having even more new faces, joining us for the retreat in Gozo…


On Saturday the 6th November 2010, Fr. William Bartolo said prayers and offered Holy Mass for our dearly departed A.L.P.S., Founder President, members and/or their family members, as well as the Pwales neighbourhood family friends who have departed this world.

The sudden demise in December 2010, of Lyceum Past Student Bishop Joe Grech, has stunned many of his past colleagues from the Lyceum days. Bishop Grech was still young in age, has worked ever so hard and was much in demand as a speaker…He is known to have had a particular calling to priests and travelled to every continent to address them. Bringing with him a large group of clergy and parishioners from far away Australia in November 2010, he last came to Malta to assist for the ordination of a priest at St. Julians Parish Church. Little did he know that his final journey to eternity was so very, very close

We pray that the souls of the dearly departed rest in peace.


Have you regularised your position regarding the payment of outstanding membership fees to A.L.P.S.!!! Kindly remit all outstanding amounts that may have skipped your attention at the very earliest.

The payment of yearly, or if preferred by lifetime subscription through our members, help us to implement changes that will make The Association of Lyceum Past Students, even stronger…and more sound financially. Do please continue to pay your membership Fees to ALPS Treasurer David Abela at: “Juniper”, Triq Ganni Vella, Tal-Qattus, Birkirkara BKR 13.

The A.L.P.S. are going on a cruise in October 2011

As already announced to members and friends of A.L.P.S., we should be getting together and going on a Eastern Mediterranean cruise (2-9th Oct 2011) aboard the All Inclusive passenger liner The Mein Schiff. On your behalf, very advantageous “all-inclusive” prices have been negotiated with the local handling agents. Such prices are firmly subject to bookings that are concluded with payment of deposits, to the organising firm. The association is in no way responsible for bookings nor with the collection of monies. We hasten all those who are interested in joining this announced cruise for October 2011…, to immediately communicate and deal directly with M/s Fero of SMS Travel no: 311 Republic Street Valletta tel: 2123 2211.

Special offer remains valid up to end January 2011.

Let us see as many of you as possible and have great fun in each other’s company whilst cruising the Mediterranean and visiting some nice places of interest….

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Valentine’s Night
Dinner organised by
A. L. P. S. Menu


An array of Mezes, Antipasti & Tapas,
Platters & Seasonal Salads served with chilled Sauces & Oils.


Cream of Cauliflower with Emmenthal Crostini V,
Chicken & Sweetcorn Broth

Pasta Station

Potato Gnocchi with Parma ham, Sage & Pecorino Cream,
Pappardelle with Black Mussels, Tomatoes, Basil and Fish Veloute

Main Course

Honey Glazed Gammon Leg with Pear Compote
Slow Cooked Carvery Rib with Yorkshire Pudding
Grouper en Papeloute with Tomatoes & Lemon H
Minted Leg of Lamb with Pistachio Stuffing
Bell Pepper & Asparagus Tart V H
Green Peppercorn Hollandaise
Red Wine Gravy


Garlic New Boiled Potatoes V H
Onion & Bacon Baked Potatoes
Broccoli Polonaise V H

International Cheese Board

Served with a selection of Biscuits & Accompaniments

Desserts & Coffee Station

A selection of Pastries, Cakes & Flans served with Creams, Sauces & Coulis
Seasonal Fresh Fruit

V- Vegetarian Option, H- Healthy Option

Inclusive of the following :
Welcome Drink, 2 glasses of Local Wine & Water

The registering of A.L.P.S. as NGO

Following the consent given to us by all those present at the EGM that was held last November 2010 and, with the finalisation of the revised A.L.P.S. statute, we are now at an advanced stage to register The Association of Lyceum Past Students as an NGO with competent authorities. This will bring us in line with legislation that had been introduced in the recent past years.

The President and Council of Administration, wish to thank you for the continued best support and the trust that you have extended over the past year, in order to bring this long outstanding matter to an honorable conclusion..

We want to hear from you:

We are always looking for fresh ideas that can be developed for use by the association.
If you think you have an idea, we would like to hear from you. We can not guarantee that we will implement your idea, however, we will acknowledge those ideas deemed feasible by the Association of Lyceum Past Students.

Write to us on alps@global.net.mt or to Secretary General., 82 Naxxar Road San Gwann:

We are looking for:

+ ideas for an attractive project that may be run by A.L.P.S.
+ ideas for the better running & Administrating of A.L.P.S.
+ ideas for any improvements that you might wish to see in A.L.P.S.
+ ideas for increasing the membership in A.L.P.S.
+ ideas for making the A.L.P.S. social & cultural events even better

If by laughter, I can cause you to wipe
one tear from your cheek, that is my only reward.

Above all, may you continue to smile,
may your life be filled with laughter,
and may you never forget the words
found in the Book of Proverbs …

“A gloomy spirit rots the bones; but a merry heart is like good medicine.”


Sponsors of www.ALPSmalta.com






We owe them our support with our business!



As already intimated in an earlier paragraph above, the A.L.P.S. – 17th Annual General Meeting shall be held this year on the Friday
25th February 2011 at 18.00 hr
s, inside the boardroom of The Lyceum, Wenzu Mallia Street Hamrun. The use of such venue is thanks to the kind permission of The Liceo Headmaster Mr. Tony Caruana Smith who continues to show his co-operation towards our association. The meeting will commence with opening prayer. This will be followed by the reading of minutes and Administrative Report by outgoing Secretary General Alex Borg. The Annual Financial Report will be presented by David Abela.

The President George Stagno Navarra will then deliver a short speech.

Elections will be held for the post of Secretary General for a period of two years as per A.L.P.S. statute and,

for posts on the Council of Administration for a period of one year.

This will be followed by the usual appointment of two auditors.

Kindly take this notice as a circular to all A.L.P.S. members, who are firmly encouraged to come and participate in such elections.
The friends of the association are cordially invited to attend also, but shall not be able to cast a vote.

Please find hereunder, forms for the nomination of persons of your choice, who may be eligible to sit on the next new Council of Administration of The Association of Lyceum Past Students.


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N o m i n a t i o n – f o r m 2011