APRIL 2011


We are a great team working together for the good of our association. Now that we have become an NGO, the more we follow on what is happening around us and the more we try to improve our image for the benefit of our members. The newly elected council of administration for this year, continues to work harder and will aim for bigger challenges in the future..

Easter is now with us and I would like to convey to all A.L.P.S. members and friends, a happy message that brings courage and joy… The Spring season gives us all the opportunity to celebrate with great anticipation the sprouting of flowers, the greening of grass, the fruit on the tress…Beyond the themes of nature, rebirth and celebration of new life, there comes Easter with a universal message of liberation into our lives. It feels like the new year has only just begun and here we are in Holy Week already. As families and friends gather to enjoy this Easter Season, we celebrate God’s gift of freedom and His love that conquers death. I feel that for those of us who observe Easter, our faith brings to us the confidence that God will overcome and that joy is everlasting. Let us give thanks to the Lord for the many blessings that He sheds on us every day. In this day and age, perhaps the most powerful witness we can make, is an effective affirmation that communication between people is peace. That peace, is the living witness and continued presence of God’s Love. May the happiness of Easter and new life find a place in our hearts.

Wishing you all A.L.P.S. members and friends, a Peacefull and Holy Easter.


Thanks to the great support by many of you A.L.P.S. members and friends, this year we contributed a handsome sum of €3369 to Maratona bir-Roti fund raising activities. This amount could be raised primarily from the sale of raffle tickets during the1stphase in December last year as well as the 2nd phase in April this year. The Valentine’s night fund raising dinner also helped to make up such a nice sum that has now been handed over to the Liceo Headmaster. The Maratona 2011 was a great success and we augur that in next year’s event, perhaps we could just try and do even better. I have no doubt, that your continued support can make such a dream come to reality.

We continue to accept books and publications from LYCEUM PAST STUDENTS:

We know there are other Liceo past students who can contribute books and other written works,
Hand in your books to Secretary General Alex Borg: tel: 2137 6387 / 2138 6812 or mobile 9988 8512 or e-mail: alpsmalta@gmail.com / info@alps.com.mt or, to council member Peter Tortell tel: 2131 3224. These gentlemen generously offer to continue to co-ordinate the collection of such books.


The A.L.P.S. web-site has of late been enhanced with more photos. Together with the IT-Providers, we have built an attractive web-site that makes all A.L.P.S. members so very proud. Continue to lend us your photos related to the Lyceum days of old and pass them on either to council member Peter Tortell on petertortell47@gmail on tel: 2131 3224. or to PeterPaul Bonnici on petpol@maltanet.net tel: 2167 2684 Thank you for your continued cooperation. We invite you to Click on our web-site www.alpsmalta.com

The ongoing “Dance to health awareness campaign”

The Dance to Health group is getting even more professional. Week after week they learn something new that keeps them in trim. Happy is the group that meets at the Liceo every Saturday morning. Ably guided by a professional tutor, they seem to have taken a great liking to the dance activity. It is never too late to join such dance lessons. Please communicate directly with Mr. PeterPaul Bonnici on tel: 7982 4250 / 2167 2684 or by e-mail: petpol@maltanet.net
Body and mind therapy only comes from some form of exercise and dancing happens to be a most enjoyable way of getting there…


Thanks to A.L.P.S. colleague Brig. Claude Gaffiero, the cultural tour to San Anton Palace, attracted a sizeable number of participants. We were shown around the inside of the palace and have also been given the chance to admire the surrounding private gardens. Immediately after the San Anton visit, we had the opportunity to admire a paintings and ceramics exhibition that was being held by Mr. & Mrs Joe Ellul Vincenti. The exhibits were of really high standard. Both artists have dedicated much of their talent to project Maltese life in a splendour of colours and designs, that makes this island nation so very lucky to have such creative people who can share their artistic ideas to the world by opening up their exhibition to all Maltese & Foreign visitors.

We E-mail the ALPSNEWS to members and friends:

In a small and slow manner it has started to show some results. The transmission of the ALPS NewsLetter via e-mail, has given us over the past two months a little saving from the postal charges that are normally incurred. More needs to be done. HIT THE SEND BUTTON to oaggalea@maltanet.net An acknowledgement will ensure correct registration of your e-mail.

Do help us to reduce postage costs for the association..


7TH May Holy Mass at 18.00 hrs
11th June Holy Mass at 18.00 hrs
9th July Holy Mass at 19.00 hrs -FESTA TA SANT’ANNA- MAKE IT A POINT TO ATTEND.
15th October Holy Mass at 18.00 hrs
12th November Holy Mass at 16.30 hrs (remembrance mass)
13th December Holy Mass at 11.00 hrs (carol singing included)

Make an effort to come to PWALES Festa on the 9th July. The ALPS choir will sing at mass. Enquiries : through council member Oscar Galea. tel: 2189 6293 / 7989 6293…or e-mail:oaggalea@maltanet.net


The aftermath to the Foundation Day Concert brings us to the stage where we have to once again express a word of thanks to all who have purchased tickets and attended for this event at the Salesian Theatre last month. On behalf of The Association of Lyceum Past Students, Joe Fenech proudly presented a most entertaining evening with the program entitled“ From the Operetta to The Musical” The A.L.P.S. choir trained by M/s Marlene Ferrante joined solo singers Claire Caruana, Connie Francis Zerafa, Joe Huber and Bernard Busuttil. The Armonia Mediterranea Chamber Ensemble was conducted by Andre’ Paul Huber. The Ballet School directed by Jane Bellia has added more pleasure to this concert.

Corinne Briffa was on the piano throughout the evening.
Today we are pleased to confirm that a nice sum was raised from this activity. On behalf of The Association of Lyceum Past Students, A.L.P.S. President George Stagno Navarraa, presented a cheque of €500.00 to Fr. Joe Forte of The Salesian Theatre.

Wear the A.L.P.S. LAPEL BADGES…:

There is not one school in the Maltese islands with an active Past Students Association like ours. You must therefore continue to distinguish yourselves by sporting our much loved badge on the jacket or coats at all times of the week. Lapel badges are available@ €2 each at every A.L.P.S. function together with the distinctive Blazer Badges & ties.


There are three important dates that we would like to present to you members and friends of A.L.P.S.

1 ) On Saturday the 21st May 2011, our colleague and friend of A.L.P.S. Comm.Salvator
Mousu, will organise a cultural tour for A.L.P.S. members and friends to the Tigne / Fort Manoel
restoration projects. We meet at Tigne` point, (parking at this time i.e. before 9.00 a.m. is available) in
front of the Fortina Hotel at 09.00hrs AM. Then we’ll go through the casemates and (time-permitting)
a top the bastion, , followed by a walk along the overhanging steel pathway of Tigne` Point.
After Tigne. we move with our cars and drive on to Gzira – parking just across the the bridge of Manoel
Island to avail ourselves of a tea-coffee break at the “Jubilee”Gzira (around 10.30 -11.00 a.m.)
Then, we head on towards the Fort of Manoel Island and park by the iron bridge or at the main entrance
gate by the sea. There we’ll pass through the fully-restored de Vilhena Gate, on to the piazza, the
polverista and the beautifully – restored St. Anthony’s chapel of de Mondion. Tour will end by 13.00hrs
Tea break includes sandwich, cheesecake & a piece of cake with tea or coffee. All inclusive price of
€10.00 per person pre- bookings through secretary General. Kindly post your cheque payable to
A.L.P.S.:c/o: Mr. Alex Borg ., A.L.P.S.: 82, Naxxar Road San Gwann SGN 9032. at latest 2nd June 2011

2) Between the 3rd / 5th June 2011, we are going to Gozo for the annual retreat at Manresa house. This
year, the retreat is being conducted by Fr. Paul Chetcuti from the Jesuit community of Zeitun. Very
limited places are left for the two nights stay at Santu Wistin Home in Pjazza San Frangisk Victoria
Gozo, It is situated approx. 8/10 minutes away from Manresa House. Those of you who may wish
to come for the Saturday only day conference with mid-day lunch included, please communicate
with Secretary General Alex Borg tel: 2137 6387 / 9988 8579 Prices can be quoted on demand.

3) On the 17th JUNE 2011we shall be organising for A.L.P.S. members / families and friends, the
summer B-B-Q at The Radisson Golden Sands Resort . Weather permitting, we shall be on the open
terrace near the ballroom overlooking the Ghajn Tuffieha bay. With only three days to the start of the
summer , it is bound to be another excellent opportunity for A.L.P.S. members, to enjoy an evening
together. As usual David Vella will entertain the dinner guests with melodies that can please the ear.


Welcome Drink & Canapés
PLATED STARTER Penne with Cherry Tomatoes and Beef Ragout
MAIN COURSE/ Tomato & Basil Swordfish / Lemon & Ginger Chicken Breast / Slow cook Beef Sirloin
ACCOMPANIMENTS / Buttered Cabbage w/ Walnuts /Roast or Jacket Potatoes /Corn on the Cob. & Salads
PLATED DESSERT Taste of Chocolate /Warm Guanaja Chocolate Pudding, /or Ivoire Choc Ice-Cream & coffee.
Two glasses of Local Red or White Wine + ½ Btl of Water

Time is 20.00 for 20.30 starting with welcome drink …………………………..The Price is @ €uro 28.00 per head.
Bookings with payment in advance can be forwarded by not later than 15th June 2011 to:
either Alex Borg 82 Naxxar Road San Gwann – 2138 6812 / 9988 8579 / alps@global.net.mt
or: to Robbie Ferrante, Haven Triq Almeridja, B’Kara 2144 4579 / 7960 3622 / marobbieferrante@hotmail.com


Let us remember Tony Aquilina’s sister Mrs Gilford, who passed away a few weeks back
and also Ronald Burgess A.L.P.S. membership no: 125.who passed away recently.
We pray that the souls of dearly departed members and friends of A.L.P.S. may rest in peace.
Can we also remember in our prayers the son of a council member, undergoing medical treatment.


We continue to depend on recieving payment of yearly, or if preferred, lifetime subscription by A.L.P.S. members at earliest please. You may send your cheque to ALPS Treasurer David Abela at: “Juniper”, Triq Ganni Vella, Tal-Qattus, Birkirkara BKR 13. david.r.abela@gmail.com
Your ongoing assistance by paying your annual subscription is greatly appreciated.
Enquiries about outstanding subscriptions through David Abela Tel: 9902 0845 / 2748 7693.

Join us for this year’s cruise in October 2011:

Some cabins still remain available. Now is the time to make up your mind and decide to join the A.L.P.S. group for a tour to the Eastern Mediterranean (2-9th Oct 2011) aboard the passenger liner Mein Schiff. “All-inclusive” prices have been negotiated and we hasten all those who are interested in joining this announced cruise, to immediately communicate and deal directly with SMS Travel no: 311 Republic Street Valletta .
tel: 2123 2211..M/s Fero who is looking after the bookings

Winning numbers to 2ndt phase Lyceum Maratona Lottery:

CHECK YOUR TICKETS AND CLAIM YOUR PRIZES…………………………… These are the winning ticket numbers
11848 / 9690 / 13496 / 16938 / 5781 / 1599 / 18176 / 11826 / 12794 / 16616 / 9209 / 11234 / 13468 / 00568 / 5233 / 11039 / 12230 / 9644 / 15800 / 11079. We are informed that thirteen out of twenty prizes from this draw are going to ticket holders who have purchased tickets through The Association of Lyceum Past Students.


We make an appeal to all members and friends of the Association of Lyceum Past Students, who may have a business or a position in a firm, that may sponsor our web-site @ €230 per annum. In return, we can insert the company’s name and logo with advert for 365 days a year. From reliable statistical information, we know that the A.L.P.S. web-site receives a high percentage of hits every single day. This will no doubt be beneficial to any company who could join by advertising with other existing firms on our web-site. Furthermore, the names of our sponsors appear at the bottom of every newsletter with a high circulation in Malta and also overseas via e-mail.
Your generous support can help us to maintain our web-site and enhance even further the A.L.P.S. image.

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.