JUNE 2011

Here comes Summer

Before we all break off to enjoy some weeks of relaxation, I wanted to tell you that we should take what we can and enjoy as much as we can from the forthcoming summer days. Since the beginning of this year we had several successful events as well as some challenges and surprises too. We have managed to overcome most of the  difficulties and now look ahead for some quality resting time just like you all dear members and friends of the Association of Lyceum Past Students.  On the 17th June 2011, we shall all get together for the usual summer barbeque.This year we have chosen another lavish place to relax and enjoy a summer evening at The Radisson Blu-Golden Sands Hotel on the terrace that overlooks the lovely Ghajn Tuffieha Bay. I would like to invite you all readers of this NewsLetter, to make it a point to come to this B-B-Q event. We think that we have found the perfect spot for you to unwind and relax and to wish each other a happy summer holiday. Some of you may have already planned to go visiting other countries, some may prefer to cross over to nearby Sicily, whilst others may just prefer to cross the channel and  enjoy a quiet holiday in the sister Island of Gozo.

Many a time LICEO past students meet each other over a holiday. They can reminisce over the good old Lyceum days from younger years. I want to encourage all members and friends of A.L.P.S., to really enjoy and have fun in the company of family and friends over the summer months. Do relax and forget the daily routine for a few weeks during the holiday season. Think about swimming, think about evening walks to a nice cool breeze on a promenade near the sea. Think of family get-togethers entertaining visitors who come visiting their Maltese Island Home. Just be yourselves and be happy over the summer season. God Willing, we shall meet again in October 2011 when our body and minds would have relaxed for some weeks.

Do feel free to let me know about your thoughts and concerns as we prepare for even more events in the coming months. Have a nice time dear colleagues in A.L.P.S.

George Stagno Navarra
President – A. L. P. S.

And just to put you in the mood for one of the calendar events of A.L.P.S., I wish to present to you the following announcement to the Opera Season in Gozo. Our Joe Fenech will be looking after this event from beginning to end:

Click to download!
Opera Season in Gozo


The much desired participation from LICEO past students to take part and send in their write-ups, poems, clean jokes, funny stories from their Lyceum days of the past and any single or perhaps some group photos…is leaving much to be desired. We created a special section on our web-site to cater for this item, thinking that many of you out there may be wishing to participate and send in their contribution that can be featured and shared with your past Lyceum classmates and friends. As previously mentioned, our web-site has been made even more accessible to all Lyceum past students, members or not in A.L.P.S. Together with the IT-Providers, we want to build a most attractive web-site that makes all A.L.P.S. members so very proud.

Once again therefore I appeal to you all and ask you to lend us your photos related to the Lyceum days of old. Send them in, either to council member Peter Tortell on petertortell47@gmail.com on tel: 2131 3224. or to PeterPaul Bonnici on petpol@maltanet.net tel: 2167 2684 Your kind co-operation will be greatly appreciated. Click and visit our web-site www.alpsmalta.com


On Saturday the 21st May, A.L.P.S. – member and friend Salvator Mousu’ has taken a sizeable group from A.L.P.S. on a grand tour of the two restored forts namely at Tigne and Manoel Island.

It goes without saying that the knowledgeable Salvator, gave a very detailed explanation whilst touring the Tigne Fort that has of late been receiving much attention with massive restoration done through the Midi-Consortium. Mid way through the tour we stopped for a tea/coffee break before then being joined by a young and much talented architect and civil engineer Edward Said who is a building conservation consultant and who very patiently took the A.L.P.S. group around the entire Manoel Island Fort. Edward and Salvator continued explaining in full detail the history of the place and what methods have been used to restore such fortifications to their original glory and splendour. All participants on this cultural tour remained most attentive at all times and did not want to miss one single word that had been said by the much learned gentlemen. Well done and thank you Salvator Mousu and Edward Said, for being so kind and generous towards the Association of Lyceum Past Students.

We E-mail the ALPSNEWS to members and friends:

For those of you who are already receiving this newsletter via their e-mail address, I would like to say thank you for helping us to reduce on the postage costs. Let there be even more A.L.P.S. members and friends of the association who can send in their e-mail by HITTING THE SEND BUTTON to oaggalea@maltanet.net Rest assured that an acknowledgement will ensure correct registration of your e-mail. Please continue to help us to reduce postage costs for the association.. Start receiving & reading the AlpsNews on the monitors of your computer


For your diaries…please insert in your home almanacs these dates:
11th June Holy Mass at 18.00 hrs HOLY ( WILL START EXACTLY AT 6.00PM)
9th July Holy Mass at 19.00 hrs -FESTA TA SANT’ANNA- MAKE IT A POINT TO ATTEND.
15th October Holy Mass at 18.00 hrs
12th November Holy Mass at 16.30 hrs (remembrance mass)
13th December Holy Mass at 11.00 hrs (carol singing included)

Remember to come to PWALES Festa on the 9th July. There shall be the ALPS choir singing during and after mass. Send all Enquiries through council member Oscar Galea. tel: 2189 6293 / 7989 6293… or e-mail: oaggalea@maltanet.net

Refreshements will be served after Holy Mass and all are invited to come to this happy occasion that we organise each year to keep alive the feast of St. Anne to whom the Pwales Chapel is dedicated. We would love to see many of you come to the Pwales Valley this year, to listen to the sounds of nature itself…with the chirping of birds and the gurgling of fresh irrigation water coming from the rocks.


Buy your badges through Secretary General and be proud to wear them at many of your get together events both locally and abroad..
Lapel badges continue to be made available@ €2 each at every A.L.P.S. function, together with the distinctive Blazer Badges & ties.


At Radisson Blu-Golden Sands Hotel – Ghajn Tuffieha.

On the 17th JUNE 2011, we shall be organising for A.L.P.S. members / families and friends, the Summer B-B-Q at The Radisson Blu-Golden Sands Resort . Weather permitting, we shall be on the open Terrace near the ballroom overlooking Ghajn Tuffieha Bay. With only a few days to Summer, it is bound to be another excellent opportunity for our members, to enjoy an evening together. In the usual manner, David Vella is going to be in attendance and will entertain us throughout the evening with a selection of enchanting melodies from the past that please the ear.

By courtesy of the Radisson Blu- Golden Sands Resort management, special rates are being offered to those who wish to make an overnight stay at the hotel. Please find hereunder the appropriate rates that are available. Kindly indicate clearly your preferred option/choice of accommodation with prices as listed hereunder:

Option 1 BBQ only 28 Euro per person
Option 2 BBQ + one night stay (Bed & Breakfast ) 75 Euro per person
Option 3 BBQ + two nights stay (Bed & Breakfast) 65 Euro per person per night

BBQ + Single room one night stay (Bed & Breakfast) 150 Euro
BBQ + Single room Two nights stay (Bed & Breakfast) 260 Euro

All allocated rooms have a country view

B-B-Q Dinner Menu

Welcome Drink & Canapés

PLATED STARTER Penne with Cherry Tomatoes and Beef Ragout

MAIN COURSE Tomato & Basil Swordfish / Lemon & Ginger Chicken Breast / Slow cook Beef Sirloin

ACCOMPANIMENTS Buttered Cabbage w/ Walnuts /Roast or Jacket Potatoes /Corn on the Cob and Salads

PLATED DESSERT Taste of Chocolate /Warm Guanaja Chocolate Pudding, /or Ivoire Choc Ice-Cream & coffee.

Two glasses of Local Red or White Wine + ½ Bottle of Water

Time 2000 hrs for 2030 hrs starting with welcome drink

Bookings with payment in advance can be forwarded by not later than 15th June 2011 to:
either Alex Borg 82 Naxxar Road San Gwann – 2138 6812 / 9988 8579 / alps@global.net.mt or Robbie Ferrante, Haven Triq Almeridja, B’Kara 2144 4570 / 7960 3622 / robbieferrante@hotmail.com


The A.L.P.S. dancers will need to take a break for the summer months and therefore
lessons shall be held up to & inclusive of last Saturday in July 2011. There shall be a summer recess for the months of August and September and will resume with regular lessons as from the first day of October 2011. Attendees have learnt Latin American and Ballroom to such lessons as Samba, CiaCia, Slow Waltz, Rumba and Quick Step. Lessons are structured every Saturday to cater both as a revision to past lessons and also introducing new theoretical steps, rendering this mix a true professional and interesting approach throughout the whole session. If interested in joining after the summer recess, kindly communicate directly with our council member
PeterPaul Bonnici tel: 7982 4250 / e-mail: petpol@go.net.mt


May we gently remind you to effect payment of the yearly, or if preferred, lifetime subscription in A.L.P.S. Rates remain unchanged @ €12.00 per annum or for a life membership @ €70.00. Please send your cheque to ALPS via Treasurer David Abela at: “Juniper”, Triq Ganni Vella, Tal-Qattus, Birkirkara BKR 13. david.r.abela@gmail.com

Enquiries about outstanding subscriptions through David Abela Tel: 9902 0845 / 2748 7693.
We thank all those who have already regularised their position and paid up for this year.


Let us remember and pray that the souls of dearly departed members and friends of A.L.P.S. may rest in peace. Can we also remember in our prayers the son of a council member, who still is undergoing medical treatment.


This year we are again preparing for a 50th anniversary reunion of all LICEO past students who had started or finished their education at the Lyceum in Hamrun during 1961. For sure, there may be a few hundreds who can recall the days when, for the first time in their lives they had started secondary education inside what was considered to be a very modern building that could take quite a number of students under one roof. For some who were in fifth form, it was their last year at school before doing their GCE’s and proceedings to higher university studies or even commencing their work career. The best teachers were made available at the time and they gave the best education to each and every student under their care. If you happen to be reading this newsletter and could fall into this category of being a 1961 student, we would like to hear from you and receive your intention of attendance to a celebration that we hold annually inside the Hamrun Lyceum. The date this year shall be on the 22nd October 2011. Holy Mass will be celebrated at 19.00 hrs. The A.L.P.S. choir will be in attendance and sing hymns during mass. When mass is ended, the same choir will deliver a mini-concert with some beautiful songs and melodies. This will be followed by a get-together party with drinks and small eats. Nearer to the date we shall of course be issuing another announcement with a proper booking form. We shall be collecting a small contribution of €10.00 per head from those attending. All A.L.P.S. members with spouses, partners as well as all friends of the association, may book and attend for the reunion celebration.

In the meantime, if you happen to have names/ addresses and/or telephone/e-mail contacts of classmates from the 1961 year of entrance or school leaving, do please let us share such information so that we may establish contact with every one of them and also invite them to come along and celebrate this unique event. Do not miss this special occasion of meeting with your school mates after fifty odd years…Members and non-members of A.L.P.S. are welcome. We are confident that again this year, we shall have a good attendance to write another memorable page in the history of The Association of Lyceum Past Students. Our aim is to bring more and more people together especially from the LICEO days of old…


We are still hoping that some members in A.L.P.S. with a business connection may assist by sponsoring the upkeep of our web-site. It is a costly feature but with a little help from a few more individuals we shall be able to maintain this service all for the good of our members. With a contribution of €230 per annum, we can insert the company’s name and logo with advert for 365 days a year. Reliable statistical information shows us that the A.L.P.S. web-site receives a high percentage of hits every single day. It would certainly be beneficial to any company who could join by advertising on our web-site. The names of all our sponsors will appear at the bottom of every newsletter with a high circulation in Malta and overseas via e-mail. Please be generous and help The Association of Lyceum Past Students to maintain an interesting web-site for the benefit of A.L.P.S. members and friends.