We hope that this New Year just started may be a fresh beginning for you, for all of us and for the entire world. This new year marks the beginning of a calendar of events that the Association of Lyceum Past Students lays before you and trusts, that it may have your continued support in all that may be presented in the coming months. Many of us began the year by making resolutions to plan for changes that we would like to see happen. The traditional ones of course may include the exercising more, getting serious about dieting and, generally living a healthier life.

We should all strive to be the best we can be and to provide the support to eachother. We just need to utilise our skills and abilities for self improvement. It is important for all A.L.P.S. members this year, to become more familiar with aspects that concern our association. That of course includes more and more of you becoming involved in the running of an ‘Old Boys Association’ that, prides itself in staying at the forefront of any other similar group or organisation.

As we may still hear the ringing-in of the New Year 2012, I appeal once again to each and everyone of you to re-dedicate yourselves by supporting the aims and the goals of The Association of Lyceum Past Students. Let there be more of our members who can come forward and offer to serve on council of administration, to ensure for a healtheir continuity into a future full of newer challenges. We must be prepared to face with courage and determination all that may come our way in the months ahead.

Have a cheerfull and safe New Year dear members and friends of A.L.P.S.

From A,L.P.S. President :
George Stagno Navarra

We had a wonderfull CHRISTMAS DINNER in December 2011.

The 3rd of December 2011, saw a large number of Lyceum Past Students get together with wives and families and friends and celebrating the annual Christmas Dinner in great style at The Westin Dragonara Resort Hotel St. Julians. It all started with the gathering of well over two hundred and fifty guests for a welcome pre-dinner drink in the foyer, before entering the magnificaent ballroom that was specially decorated for the occasion. Happy and cheerfull were all the diners who honoured us with their presence and who, very generously particiapted in raffles that have won plenty of gorgeous hampers and gifts to the winners. Such a traditional gathering organised by A.L.P.S. each year marks the beginning of the festive season .

A short speech was delivered by the association president who extended the festive season greetings to all those present. For those of you who missed this years’dinner, we recommend that you start marking your diaries to ensure you will come and enjoy our next Pre-Christmas event that is bound to be to your liking… Dinner photos on A.L.P.S. web-site www.alpsmalta.com

A.L.P.S. are planning a cultural tour to Palazzo Verdala on the 21st January 2012.

Special permission has been extended to our association by His Excellency The President of the Republic of Malta Dr. George Abela to Verdala Palace. Such event is planned for the 21st January 2012. The tour starts at 10.00hrs sharp with entrance from the front of the Verdala Palace. The aim of this tour is to raise funds in aid of The Malta Community Chest Fund. At the end of the tour, we shall all get together for a Pasta Buffet at Ristorante Antica Roma (next to the old Buskett RoadHouse ). There will be a charge of €15.00 per person, that includes the pasta lunch (drinks will be charged extra according to choice), as well as the donation of €5.00 per head towards M.C.C.F. Your participating in this tour will be expressing solidarity with the Community Chest Fund. Those of you who are only coming for the tour of the Verdala Castle, are to donate €5.00 only.


We had envisaged that there can be many of our members in Malta and from overseas, who can be proud to send in their contributions for inserting in the colleagues of old section on the A.L.P.S. web-site. Although there has been some material arriving already at our secretary’s address, we are still hopeful in getting even more to make this corner of our web-site even more attractive. Putting photos and/or short write ups could perhaps induce more Liceo Past Students to become involved and joining our association. We rely on your constant support with this project.. Please respond as quickly as possible and send to us new materials that may be added


With the greatest of pleasure the A.L.P.S. choir have visited five different Old People’s Homes during December 2011. It was evident, that such gesture brought happy smiles and good feelings to the residents with the presentation of a mini concert of Christmas chants and carols and some other popular tunes to make the event more cheerful. With personal sacrifice, each member of the choir dedicated five afternoons to entertain old people who have enjoyed the singing and sometimes even joined in and sang with the choir too. The A.L.P.S. choir was directed by Maestro Joe. Fenech, whilst Marlene Ferrante was on the synthesiser accompanying the singers.

At Christmas time, the Association of Lyceum Past Students helps make other people happy whilst delivering a message of peace and happiness and good cheer.. The A.L.P.S. choir has already started rehearsing for a grand’ Foundation Date Celebration Concert’ at The Salesian Theatre in Sliema on the 14th April 2012. It shall be a concert version of an operetta. Details come later.


As in previous years, we are yet again presenting to you for pencilling your almanacs and diaries, a full program of events that are planned for the next twelve months at thePwales Chapel. Our spiritual director Fr. William Bartolo will accede to our monthly request and come to celebrate Holy Mass on the given dates/ times as listed hereunder:

  • January 14th 1630 hours Thanks giving – end of the 2011 administration
  • February 18th 1630 hours
  • March 10th 1630 hours
  • April 21st 17.00hours
  • May 12th 1800 hours Celebrating the Feast of our patron saint San Gorg Preca
  • June 16th 1800 hours
  • July 7th 1900 hours Celebrating the Feast of Sant Anna
  • August no activities
  • September no activities
  • October 13th 17.00hours
  • November 3rd 1630 hours Remembrance day – departed ALPS members/families/teachers
  • December 13th 1100 hours Christmas mass with Carol Singing

We want to see many of you each month coming along and bringing family and friends.

“Dance to health sessions have resumed in the main hall at the LICEO”

A pre-Christmas last session brought to the fore the enthusiasm that all participants to this initiative have shown all along. The dance teacher Alistair, managed to bring along a couple of young dancing- partners who, really and truly entertained everyone present with their swift movements and skills. They were dancing to their hearts delight and forgetting that those who were watching may not be so agile as themselves but, at the same time they delivered a message of hope to the elder participants that they may continue to learn more and more dance movements and bettering their dance to health skills. Association president George Stagno Navarra was present for the exchange of small tokens/ gifts and for sharing in a farewell Christmas party that was organised by the Commission chairperson PeterPaul Bonnici and his wife Pauline.
Well done to the participants who have from this month kicked off with more dance to health lessons for the coming semester. A.L.P.S. is very proud of this achievement that continues to bring more and more people together.

For more information please communicate with Council Member- Peter Paul Bonnici on tel: 7982 4250 / 2167 2684 or by e-mail: petpol@go.net.mt

A.L.P.S. is planning another Cruise holiday during October 2012

The year 2011, saw a good number of A.L.P.S. members and friends join the President and other council members, on a very interesting and enjoyable eastern Mediterranean cruise aboard the the luxurious vessel the Mein Schiff 1. We visited places like Greece, Turkey, Miconos and Sicily.

For the current year, the association secretary has started discussing with reputable travel firms for a bargain price that may take an A.L.P.S. group on another cruise in the first week of October 2012. More details shall follow with itinerary and prices as soon as these are made available to us. Join us and share the great fun when we may be in each others company on an overseas trip.

We make it possible for you to come along and relax in the company of other Liceo past students.
You had better start saving for a next trip abroad that may enrich our knowledge from visiting other countries which perhaps we may not have seen before…


Membership subscriptions fall due for renewal in January 2012. We therefore kindly ask that those of you who are in arrears with their payment from previous years/s, to kindly send in their remittances. Help us to maintain a healthy cash flow. We depend on the annual subscriptions to pay for our stationery, printing, newsletter posting, maintaining our web-site and many other on going commitments that make our association ever so proud to be honouring its dues.

Send your payments of subscription ( rates remain unchanged @ €12.00 per annum or for a life membership @ €70.00.) to ALPS Hon.Treasurer David Abela at: “Juniper”, Triq Ganni Vella, Tal-Qattus, Birkirkara BKR 13. david.r.abela@gmail.com You may contact David Abela on Tel: 9902 0845 / 2748 7693. Our thanks come to you in anticipation and we hope that your unfading support never fails


The President of Malta has this year bestowed a prestigious award of National order of Merit to Lyceum Past Students who have distinguished themselves and who have earned the esteem of the Maltese Nation. Amongst the list of the persons receiving such honour, one finds:

Dr. Alfred Bonnici (ex Speaker of the House of Representatives)-Officer
Mr. Francis Stivala (who made a success with the introduction of N.S.T.S. in Malta) -Member
Mr. Gejtu Vella ( who emerges as one of the most active Trade Unionists) -Member
Mr. Enzo Guzman (who entertains through his singing career)- Medal for service to Republic

Another Prestigious Award goes to ALPS Website Developer

And may we also remember another hard working A.L.P.S. member Mr. Stephen D’Alessandro, who has of late received the Prestigious Award MCA 2011 eBiz Award for Best use of Technology in Education and Training- recognising innovative learning and teaching practices through the use of ICT. and, for his share to developing and enhancing E-Business in Malta and abroad. Stephen also looks after the A.L.P.S. web-site and projects our association in its entirety as the means of getting LICEO past students together from Malta and from Overseas.

Congratulations to all the above mentioned Lyceum Past Colleagues…

Malta will soon have a Cardinal Mgr. Prospero Grech.,

Besides having already the honour of St. George Preca as a LICEO past student and, to further
continue to add to the already vast list of successful persons who have in the past made the Lyceum very proud with the high ranking positions that they have occupied during their careers, we are now informed, that His Holiness Pope Benedict XV1., will soon ordain and bestow the title of Cardinal “ on another Lyceum Past Student by the name of Mgr. Prospero Grech. “
From our hearts we augur success and long life to the new Cardinal. Such honour makes the Maltese Islands truly proud to be amongst larger countries who have for many years had their own Cardinals.


Whilst the association President, Secretary General and Treasurer were travelling abroad for the New Year celebrations, responsibility fell on A.L.P.S. Deputy President Robbie Ferrante and Assistant Secretary Peter Tortell to keep with the tradition. They very kindly paid visits to
represent Council of Administration and, have exchanged New Year Greetings with Highest Authorities namely the President & Prime Minister as well as His Grace The Archbishop of Malta on the 1st day of January 2012. Well done to these stalwarts who have devoted the best part of New Years day morning for such a prestigious duty.

Pencil your diaries for the LYCEUM BICYCLE MARATONA BIR-ROTI – MARCH 2012.

We have done it in the past and, we intend doing it again….by lending a helping hand to the organising committee for another successful event namely Maratona Bir-Roti at The Lyceum Hamrun. This will take place over a week-end 16th to 18th March 2012. The Association of Lyceum Past Students encourages each member to participate and help raise funds that are earmarked this year for the children at Angela House-Ursoline Cresche G/Mangia. We shall be forwarding to you in our next News letter, full details of events and raffles that are being organised in order to make this years’ Maratona a great success and, to raise a big sum of money thus helping a needy cause. We are confident of your support and will look forward to see many of you visiting the Liceo during the Maratona Bir-Roti week-end.


During the last week of November 2011, we have lost one of our esteemed members namely Bishop Annetto Depasquale, who passed away to eternal life at his home town in Qormi. Many a time Bishop Annetto helped our association and praised the council of administration for keeping such an old boys association going strong and, getting Liceo Past Students together. Those who have had the pleasure of sharing the same classrooms with him in their younger days, can vouch for the humbleness and gentleness of such a unique personality that is mourned by the entire population of Malta & Gozo. To his brothers, sisters and their spouses, the Association of Lyceum Past Students extends a message of condolence. May Almighty God receive and embrace our dear departed colleague Bishop Annetto and reward him for all the work that he has done in the field of the Lord.

Another A.L.P.S. member who is mourned this month, is Lorry Borg who departed this world some weeks ago..

Please remember them in your prayers. We shall offer Holy Mass on 14th January at Pwales Chapel with special intentions for the above mentioned deceased members and others who have departed this world earlier on.

Please continue to offer prayers for Simon Tortell, who is still under medical care.



We say thanks to the sponsors who have already submitted their payment of €230 each, in support of the A.L.P.S. web-site. Perhaps there can be more who can join them by paying a sum of only €230 per annum. This will enable us to insert their company’s name and logo with advert for 365 days a year. Without fail, the names of all our sponsors also appear at the bottom of every newsletter with a high circulation in Malta and overseas via e-mail.

Never think hard about the past, It brings tears.
Don’t think more about future, It brings fears.
Live this moment with a smile, It brings cheers…


The A.L.P.S. Valentine’s week-end break at The Radisson Golden Sands Resort Ghajn Tuffieha is fast approaching. For this year we have again managed to negotiate the very same favourable rates, terms and conditions as last year. Kindly read carefully and complete the attached form with names of persons that shall be booked for such week-end break .and send at earliest with advance payment.


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18TH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF A.L.P.S. 24th February 2012

The A.L.P.S. – 18th Annual General Meeting shall this year be preceeded by a short EGM of say twenty minutes to effect some minor amendments to the statue and to come in line with legal obligations that are now binding us as NGO..

The EGM will start @ 18.00hrs and shall be followed by AGM immediately after, starting @ 18.30 hrs…on Friday the 24th Feb 2012. inside the boardroom of The Lyceum, Wenzu Mallia Street Hamrun. The use of such venue is thanks to the kind permission of The new Liceo Headmaster Mr. Innocent Aquilina, who continues to show his co-operation towards our association. The meeting will commence with opening prayer. This will be followed by the reading & approval of minutes 17th meeting and Administrative Report by Secretary General Alex Borg. The Annual Financial Report as at 31st December 2011, will be presented by outgoing Treasurer David .Abela.
The President George Stagno Navarra will then deliver a short speech and thank the outgoing council members for their work in 2011.
Elections will be held for the post of Hon. Treasurer for a period of two years as per A.L.P.S. statute and,
for posts of eight members to sit on the Council of Administration for a period of one year.

This will be followed by the usual nomination/appointment of two auditors.
Kindly take this notice as a circular to all A.L.P.S. members, who are firmly encouraged to come and participate in such elections.
The friends of the association are cordially invited to attend also, but shall not be able to cast a vote.

Hereunder, we attach forms for the nomination of persons of your choice, who may be eligible to sit on the next new Council of Administration of The Association of Lyceum Past Students.


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18TH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF A.L.P.S. 24th February 2012