APRIL 2012


Foundation Day Concert

The Association of Lyceum past Students [A.L.P.S.] is holding its 18th. Anniversary Foundation Day Concert on Saturday 14th. April 2012 at the Salesian Theatre Sliema.
The programme consists of highlights from the operetta “IL PAESE DEI CAMPANELLI” by Carlo Lombardo and Vigilio Ranzato with the participation of Karen Camilleri – Soprano, Connie Francis Zerafa- Mezzo Soprano, Bernard Busutill- Tenor and Ivan Vella – Baritone and the A.L.P.S CHOIR trained by Marlene Ferrante. Musical Director Andre’ Paul Huber and Corine Briffa will be at the Piano.

The production is directed by Mro Joe Fenech who will be celebrating his sixty years on stage.

Prices being donation of Euros 10.00 per person contact Joe Fenech tel. 21410632 E-MAIL mcfenech@maltanet.net or Alex Borg tel 21386812/99888579 E-MAIL alpsmalta@gmail.com, and at the booking office of the Salesian Theatre prior to the event.