As we approach the dawn of a New year, I would like to thank
every Council member and you members in A.L.P.S., for a great
year we have managed to accomplish together.

A.L.P.S. looks ahead to the New year 2014, as a ‘New Leaf’ a ‘New Look’

I truly feel honored to have the opportunity to lead The Association of
The Lyceum Past Students for another year as President. The association
now prepares to celebrate its ‘ 20th Anniversary ‘ from its started existence.
I hope you share my pride in our association, for all it has accomplished and
for its vision in moving forward.

A.L.P.S. is planning a number of events to help us re-connect with one another
in this coming year 2014. We are really proud of each and every one of
the Lyceum ex-alumni, who have joined our association.

One of my earliest and most pleasurable memories of childhood, is going back
to the Lyceum Days. I seem to be hearing the voices of all the class masters who,
have encouraged our fertile imagination and impressed us to reach further in life.
The upcoming year should therefore give us greater encouragement to continue
to renew such memories. As we begin 2014, let us wish everyone associated in A.L.P.S.,
a Very Happy , Healthy and Prosperous New Year. As always, the year ahead is going
to be an exciting one and surely full of many interesting events for you our members.

It has been my pleasure to serve you and to work with a group of highly motivated
and hard working Council Members, to achieve and to arrive at where we are today.
I plead with each one of you, to continue to be involved and to bring even more members
into our much respected association.

Best wishes for the coming year to you and your families

George Stagno Navarra

President  –  A.  L.  P.  S.