(a)   The name of the association shall be “Association of Lyceum Past Students” abbreviated to A.L.P.S and “Ghaqda Ex-Studenti Liceo”.
(b)   The motto of the Association shall be “Nil Mediocriter”.
(c)   The address of the Association is:
        “Dar Guido Saliba”, 115, St.Joseph Street, Pieta’ PTA 1146, or any other address
        that the Council of Administration may determine.


Membership shall be open to students who attended the Lyceum.

Clause 2 (b) Enrolment and Subscription Fees.

Members shall pay an annual subscription fee of Euro 12.00.
Life Membership Subscription shall be at a once-only payment of Euro 70.00.
Students who have just completed their studies at the Lyceum shall pay an annual subscription of Euro 3.00 for the first five years immediately after leaving school.

The amount of these fees can be altered by means of a resolution approved during an Annual General Meeting.


(a)   To make every effort to ensure that Il-Liceo, The Lyceum – Kullegg San Gorg Preca at Wenzu Mallia Street, Hamrun, continues to be in effect the descendant of the Collegium Melitensis founded in 1592 and which operated from the building in Merchants Street, Valletta.
(b)   To bring together past students of The Lyceum in an active Association.
(c)   To take an active interest in the educational, civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of Lyceum past and present students and of the community at large.
(d)   To hold reunions in the spirit of accomplishment and fulfilment of the purposes and objectives of the Association.
(e)   To encourage and generate discussion on matters of national importance but excluding partisan politics.
(f)   To act as a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) through the objectives and activities of Commissions that may be set up as circumstances dictate or allow.
(g)   The Association is a voluntary, autonomous and non-profit organisation , registered with the local Authorities as per Law and no part of the income, capital or property of the organisation shall be available directly or indirectly to any promoter, member, administrator, donor or other private interest, unless it is a philanthropic society or by a special resolution taken through council of administration for a good cause and which is recognised by the A.L.P.S.


The Association shall be administered by a Council of Administration composed of:

(a)   President, Secretary General, Treasurer and eight other members all elected at an AGM. Apart from the Executive Officials being the President, the Secretary General and the Treasurer, all others comprising the Deputy President and the Assistant Secretary together with the Chairpersons of Commissions forming part of the eight elected members during the AGM will be designated to their posts during the first council meeting after the AGM. The Deputy President and the Assistant Secretary can also hold and be Chairperson of one of the established Commissions as directed by the Council. Commission Chairpersons can also be designated to hold more than one commission as so agreed upon during any council meeting in one  calendar year.
(b)   The current Headmaster of the Lyceum shall also “ex ufficio” be an Honorary Member of the Council.
(c)   The Scout’s co-ordinator shall also be considered as “ex ufficio” Honorary Member on the Council of Administration and will be the Youths and Lyceum Affairs Commission Chairperson. Such posts as stated in b & c above,  shall be confirmed annually at the discretion of the Council of Administration.
(d)   In recognition of the past services rendered to the Association, Mr.George Grech ID No.561635(M) shall be considered Permanent Member “ad honorem” of the Council of Administration.
(e)   Members in (b), (c) and (d) will not have voting rights.
(f)   Members currently elected as President, Secretary General and Treasurer shall have the legal representation of the Association and shall also be the Administrators of the Association as required by and in terms of the provisions of the Second Schedule of the Civil Code Chapter 16 of the Laws of Malta.


(a)   The Council of Administration shall have the responsibility of acting collectively in carrying out the purposes and objectives of the Association as established in this Statute and as may be amended by an Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) in accordance with the established rules.
(b)   The Council shall administer the assets of the Association in such a manner as it deems most advantageous towards the attainment of the said purposes and objectives.
(c)   The Council shall take such measures as, in its discretion, it may consider necessary for attaining the purposes and objectives, including measures to regulate its proceedings.
(d)   A Disciplinary Board shall be formed by electing an ad-hoc chairperson from  Council of Administration who will form a sub-committee of not more than three persons in order to hear and analyse any one/or more occurrence, which may arise from any council or ordinary member/s and/or friend/s of the Association and to prepare and present to Council of Administration a written report of all the findings within a reasonable period that should not exceed 30 days from the start of any single hearing.


(a)   The President shall chair all meetings of the Council and all General Meetings.
He shall be responsible for convening meetings and for their lawful and proper conduct.
(b)   The Deputy President or the Secretary General shall assume the responsibilities and duties of the President in the latter’s absence.
(c)   The Secretary General shall keep the Minutes of all General and Council meetings.  He shall be responsible, together with the President, for the correspondence and the conservation of all records.
(d)   The Treasurer shall be responsible for all the funds of the Association, including the collection of membership fees, subscriptions and keeping proper books of accounts.
(e)   At the end of the financial year, the Treasurer shall submit to the council, a return of the financial position of the Association as at 31st December and all documents related thereto.
(f)   The Council, at the AGM shall appoint two auditors to examine and certify the Accounts.
(g)   The Treasurer shall present the said audited accounts for consideration and approval at the AGM.


(a)   Saint Gorg Preca shall be the Patron Saint of the Association.
(b)   His Excellency the President of Malta shall be invited to be the Patron of the Association.


(a)   The Minister of Education shall be invited to be the Honorary President of the Association.
(b)   Distinguished Members of ALPS who have contributed for a number of years towards the Association can be elected to the title of “Honorary Life Member” of the Association at an AGM. Such Honorary membership permits the member so elected to attend meetings and take part in discussions but will have no vote in meetings.


(a)   Lyceum teachers who were/are, are not past students of the Lyceum shall become eligible to be Associate Members.
(b)   Widows of Lyceum past students are entitled to become Associate Members.
(c)   Associate members shall not pay subscription fees. They shall not have the right to vote. They may participate in all activities of the Association.
(d)   Associate members may be co-opted by the Council of Administration in any capacity except that of officials.

Clause 10: FRIENDS OF A.L.P.S.

(a)   Non-past Lyceum students who show an active interest in the activities of ALPS may be enrolled as Friends of ALPS.
(b)   Friends of ALPS shall pay an annual contribution as established by the Council.
(c)   Friends of ALPS may attend Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings without the right to vote.


(a)   Council meetings shall be called by the President and held as often as may be necessary, but at least once every two months.  In default, any three members of the Council shall have the right to convene a meeting after the lapse of two weeks from the date of the missed meeting.
(b)   The presence of five members of the Council shall form a quorum.
(c)   Decisions on all matters of discussion shall require a simple majority.
(d)   Each Council member shall have one vote. In case of parity, the President or the presiding Chairperson shall have a second and casting vote.
(e)   A meeting shall be considered valid provided that all Council members have been notified of the date, time and place of the meeting at least three days before the date of such meeting, provided further that in matters of urgency, 24 hours shall be considered sufficient notice by telephone/mobile &/ or email and also provided that  such urgency be simply explained  to the satisfaction of  at least three Council members.
(f)   The Spiritual Director shall be nominated by the Council.


The Annual General Meeting shall be held on a day not later than the last week of February of each year or as determined by the Council of Administration when elections shall be held in the manner hereinafter set down

(a)   The Date and Agenda of the AGM shall be notified to members at least twenty days before the appointed/announced date of the holding of the said AGM.
(b)   The Minutes of the previous General Meeting whether Annual or Extraordinary, shall be read out in the next General Meeting, whatever its nature.
(c)   The Annual General Meeting shall appoint three members out of those present to act as Election Commissioners who shall conduct and supervise the elections.
(d)   Nominations for the filling of posts to become members on the Council of Administration and/or any proposed amendments to the Statute as well as any motion for discussion shall reach the Secretary General by not later than ten days before the AGM.  Each nomination shall require and be signed by a proposer and a seconder as well as that of the member proposed for election. The form of nomination will be sent together with the Notice of the Annual General Meeting.
(e)   The ballot paper shall contain the names of council election contestants, in alphabetical order, of all the members nominated for election.
(f)   If the nominations received for the election of members will not be sufficient to fill all vacant posts on the Council, all the members so nominated shall be declared elected.

(g)   The remaining members on the Council shall be elected from members present at the AGM.
(h)   At any AGM/EGM 30 members, including at least four members of the Council of Administration, one of whom shall be either the President, the Deputy President or the Secretary General, shall form a quorum.
(i)   In the absence of a quorum the meeting shall start half-an-hour after the stipulated time with the members present, provided that the President or the Deputy President or the Secretary General is present at the time.
(j)   Decisions on all matters for discussion shall require a simple majority. The presiding official shall have a second and casting vote.
(k)   The President shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting if this is requested in writing by at least 20 members.
(l)   Officers on the Council with the exception of the President, Secretary General and Treasurer shall hold the post for one year.  In the interest of continuity, the President shall be elected for a period of three years and the Secretary General and Treasurer shall be elected for two years with the Secretary General and Treasurer alternating each year.
(m)   Members who have previously served on the Council shall be eligible for re-election.


Members of the Council who absent themselves from three consecutive meetings without providing valid reasons for their absence shall be considered as having forfeited their seats. Such resulting vacancies shall be filled by the next in-line at the elections or, if there is no member next in line, the Council may co-opt another member as early as possible but in either case not later than one month from the date of such vacancy having resulted.


The Council shall appoint Commissions as circumstances dictate or allow, whose aims shall be to help achieve the purposes and objectives of the Association.  These are set up by the Council and one of the members of the Council shall be Chairperson.  The Chairperson of each Commission shall submit a report  on the activities of the Commission at a meeting of the Council or as required by the President.
The terms of such Commissions shall be set out by the Council when these are appointed.
The Council shall appoint Commissions as and when may be required.

Clause 15: FINANCE

(a)   A Current and Savings accounts with a Bank/s of repute shall be opened.  All payments in excess of Euro 50.00 shall be made by cheque.  Accounts for petty expenses shall be presented regularly and refunded by cheque. Cheques shall be signed by any two from the President, Secretary General and the Treasurer, preferably one being the Treasurer.
(b)   The accounts shall be prepared by the Treasurer and audited and approved annually as explained in Clause 6 above.                               
(c)   The financial and administrative year shall be the calendar year from 1st January to 31st December. 


It shall be incumbent upon the Secretary General to keep a Schedule of Members of the Association and to provide access and full facilities to the Registrar of Legal persons in the Public Registry or any Legal Officer so delegated/assigned.  This would include, inter alia, the right of the Registrar to inspect such schedule whenever requested by the Registrar.

This Clause shall be retained in every Statute of the Association and cannot be revoked, even by unanimous decision.

Clause 17 : DISSOLUTION.

In the event of dissolution or winding up of the ASSOCIATION OF LYCEUM PAST STUDENTS (A.L.P.S.) the funds and all assets pertaining to the Association shall be applied in favour of another organisation/s the aim/s of which are similar to ALPS. Such a decision shall be taken only by an Extraordinary General Meeting expressly convened for the purpose.  All documents and records then held by the Association shall be transferred as determined by the said EGM or to the National Archives.